Month: October 2018

Stretch Your Wardrobe Dollars

  1. Stick to your most flattering colors – Get a professional Color Analysis done to determine what the most flattering colors are for you. By sticking to those colors, you’ll be assured that they will help you look your best, you’ll have the ability to mix and match outfits and you’ll always look great!
  2. Buy the right size for right now – Clothing manufacturers are not known for their adherence to standards. Don’t get hung up on what size the clothing is tagged as, get hung up on proper fit! If the article of clothing feels tight, pulls or seems stressed at the seams, it won’t last as long, and it will make you look heavier in the process. Buy clothing that fits you well and it will not only make you look better, it will last longer. Don’t like the size being visible? Cut it out carefully, but leave the care tag intact. Wearing clothing that is too tight makes you look even bigger – wearing too-big clothing just looks sloppy.
  3. Purchase for Multi-season use – Try to purchase fabrics that are multi-seasonal. A heavy, textured wool jacket is only good for the coldest of weather, whereas one made of mid-weight or lighter weight wool or wool blend could be worn with a sweater in cold weather and with a shirt or blouse in warmer weather. You’ll get more use from multi-season garments than those with a single-season focus.
  4. Remember the basics – Suits and separates can form the foundation of a great working wardrobe. Single and double-breasted long-sleeved blazers with matching skirts for women or pants for men or women are essential basics. Don’t try to build a wardrobe around the “trend of the moment”. When the trend passes, you’ll look dated.
  5. Accessorize with style – Every wardrobe needs a certain investment in accessories. The well-thought out use of scarves, jewelry and pins, ties and pocket squares, and even hosiery, shoes and hats can transform ordinary clothing into something extraordinary. Determine whether your coloring is cool or warm and let that guide you in choosing accessories, especially metal jewelry. Combining smart accessories with a basic wardrobe ensures you’ll always look coordinated and polished, not thrown-together or haphazard.

Look Fabulous for Christmas

Firstly when you start to put together a Christmas outfit, make sure that you make the look really classic, with a hint of up-to-date sophistication. For example, this Christmas you could set your look with a black waist belt. Going with a classic look I would also choose a bold coloured top and a darker bottom (perhaps black).

For someone with a very slim frame, choose some wide fitting black trousers, a long gold top/dress with a high neck line, with a black sash belt, and some simple gold/pearl earrings. This look can be dressed up or down depending on how your family spend Christmas, this look could also be updated for a New Year party.

For a larger frame, choose a floaty skirt in a dark colour which ends just under your knee, then pick a top in a lighter shade with a deep neckline, and add a pretty necklace in silver or gold. This look can be updated by making sure that you apply flattering makeup. This is definitely an occasion where you can apply gold makeup or red lipstick, but make sure you pick only one feature to focus on, and that your makeup really compliments your outfit.

For those with paler skin, you are very fortunate because you will look absolutely stunning in true reds, greens and golds, the Christmas colours. Try these on in shops to really bring out your amazing look.

Tuxedo Styles

A complete tuxedo ensemble includes a jacket, trousers, shirt, bow tie, cuff links, studs, and a cummerbund or vest. If you wear a vest, you do not wear a cummerbund. I would suggest purchasing extra ties and cummerbunds in colors and patterns for a more festive look for any occasion.

Your classic tuxedo, of course, is black but you have several collar options from which to choose. You have the notch lapel tuxedo jacket, the peak lapel tuxedo jacket, the shawl lapel tuxedo jacket, and the mandarin color tuxedo jacket. Personally I prefer the classic notch lapel tuxedo jacket but it really is a matter of choice. The shawl lapel gives the body an elongated look so it has a slenderizing affect.

You then have the trousers in pleated and non-pleated with an adjustable or non-adjustable waist band, all with a satin stripe down the legs.

There is a great selection of tuxedo shirts available. You have the classic wing collar tuxedo shirt, regular collar tuxedo shirt, mandarin collar tuxedo shirt, banded mandarin collar tuxedo shirt, piped mandarin collar tuxedo shirt and the list goes on and on.

The accessories are endless. You have the band bow tie or one of the newer contemporary style ties, the cummerbund or button cover jewelry if you choose one of the mandarin collar shirts. And, of course, the studs and cuff links. Don’t forget to take a look at the tuxedo vests. All accessories will be available in an array of colors, patterns and styles. You’re sure to find what you need to complete your ensemble.

Gypsy Skirt

The gypsy skirt is one that many find will give them a huge feeling of energy. That energy is one that is often caught up in the feeing of rock and roll, at the concert, and at the after bashes. The gypsy skirt is not one that only those who enjoy music are going to wear, but also those who are fashion conscience. If you really want to look good, you should consider adding a gypsy skirt to your closet collection, so you can pull it out for that date, for the night out at the club, or for that meeting with the relatives that you want to look great for.

Gypsy skirts have a long history one that goes back at least fifty years, where skirts were worn by women all the time. The gypsy skirt took on a new look during the sixties and the seventies when the spirit movements were happening and the skirts were worn by those who were dressed in tie die and in shirts that would show off the belly. As to the fashion world today, the cropped short shirts, the belly rings, and the feeling of needing freedom are major reasons why the gypsy skirts are making a new appearance.

For the young girls

Teaching a young girl all about fashion is easy in these modern times. There are so many ways to add a flair to what one is wearing, and the easiest way to teach about fashion is to use ideas about what makes you feel good, what makes you comfortable and what complements your curves at the same time. For the teen that is looking to you for helping in buying clothes and getting hip or cool clothes you should include the use of a gypsy skirt, because all the other girls are going to be wearing them, and they are good for the body.

Show off that slim stomach, and that flat belly by adding a skirt that hangs on the hips, but that covers up the butt! Teach young girls they can wear clothes that are cool, hip and sexy at the same time without having to show off too much of what they really are. Gypsy skirts can be found in just about every color and in any type of material. Find a skirt that will explode their fashion sense while giving them a way to dress that is cool at the same time for everyone.

Water Shoes

Winter or wet-weather joggers benefit from netted athletic shoes which are made specifically for running and walking just along the edge of water or watery terrains. Gore-tex lined boots and shoes seem to be a popular choice at the moment and this wonderful material can be found in clothing and other outdoor accessories too.

Making a bit of a come back in some countries is the once popular jelly shoes (or Jellies), which are basically shoes that are made of a porous PVC rubber product known as jelly rubber. Jelly shoes come in a whole variety of different brands, styles and colors. They became very popular during the 1980s and it was quite possible to pick a pair of jellies up for a dollar or less. They can best be described as sandal types of footwear and most probably took their design from the ageless flip flop.

Although jellies, flip flops, and common sandals are still the first choice of water shoes for the beach, we’re now seeing new designs that are not only practical, but fashionable for the sandy shores too.

Water resistant shoes, or beach shoes of some sort, must also be considered for those popular weddings by the sea. Most happy couples look for a pair of water shoes which have a low heal for comfort, as moving around a sandy surface can be difficult at the best of times. Many opt for a closed toe sandal. This choice means they’re not spending half their special day removing sand and grit from between their toes!

Serious hikers now insist on a quality pair or water shoes for their trekking pleasure, as dry warm feet resists athletes foot and chilblains. Hiking or trekking off the beaten track can take you across some very wet and unpredictable ground, so it’s not surprising that there has been some great technological advances in the materials used for walking footwear, which now produces light, strong, waterproof or water resistant, yet ultra comfortable shoes.

Most of us are only too aware that dry feet make an enormous difference in walking comfort whether we’re hiking or just going about our daily business, and especially so when walking in heavy downpours of rain. The only real drawback with waterproof shoes is that they do cost considerably more than their non-waterproof or water resistant counterparts.

Folks who don’t want to ‘splash out’ (forgive the pun!), on waterproof shoes, have the option to waterproof their conventional footwear with a simple treatment, or, if that’s not practical, to use waterproof overshoes, which simply go over the regular ones and keep them both dry and protected from the elements.

Clear Platform Shoes

When most people consider sexy clear platform shoes, a couple of occupations probably come to mind. Sexy clear platform shoes are popular in the nightclub setting. Scantily clad waitresses popularized the clear platform footwear for the optical illusion of being taller, with longer legs, and walking on air. However, walking on platform shoes takes some practice and finesse, so delivering snacks and drinks to waiting customers can be a challenge. Also, the shoes must have a level of comfort as well as beauty, or many women might go home with exceedingly sore feet, after wearing the sexy clear platform shoes for an entire shift.

Another group of nightclub employees also have assisted in the popularization of sexy clear platform shoes. Pole dancers and strip tease artists wear sexy clear platform shoes in the performance of dancing and entertainment. Giving the impression of sexier, shapelier legs is a turn on for the people who frequent these establishments.

However, the need for sexy clear platform shoes has taken on a playful purpose within the home. Generally, women prefer men stay at home for excitement, entertainment, and pleasure. By wearing sexy shoes at home, women can playfully encourage men to satisfy, at home, the needs answered by participating in public nightlife. From head to toe, men are reminded that women are much more than the comfortable partners who take care of the house, the chores, and the children. Sexy clear platform shoes can help renew the excitement of first love, and the joy of being together before growing responsibilities got in the way. So, rise to the occasion and have feet dressed for fun.

Having the fun of wearing sexy clear platform shoes is not only for the nightclub scene or an intimate night for two. The shoes are also a purposeful fashion statement. For example, many women are petite and must look up to the rest of humanity. No more! In six-inch platform shoes, women can instantly become a head taller in a fun and fashionable shoe. Seeing others eye-to-eye also builds self-esteem. During social gatherings, petite women no longer have to feel lost in the crowd. On romantic walks, short women are not doomed to be tucked into a partner’s armpit. For the women of average height, sexy clear platform shoes are simply an awesome fashion statement. Platform shoes can be a conversation piece, complete a great outfit, or simply be fun.

Strass Jewelry

Rhinestones, put simply, are glasses with faceted top and a very thin foil at the very bottom – that way the light reflects and refracts in glass like it couldn’t – because glass is less refreactive tha diamonds – light passes it through, when in real diamonds a full inner reflection is happening.

Chaton Roses are flat-bottom rhinestones (it is pronounce “shayton”). They have Aurora Boreale effect (“Northern Lights”, which can be seen in Northern Poles when millions of ion particles enter unprotected with magnetic field atmosphere). It’s just a matter of simple physics dispersion (hmm, didn’t we all learn this at school), and the laws of the light were discovered in 10th centuries (actually rediscovered in 17th century) and it took centuries to apply it to glass to make it seem like a diamond (talking about rhinestone jewellery of course).

So what are they uses for those little sprkling things? Chaton Roses have a lot of uses, like body jewelry (some of it can even be used to swim – a special kind of glue makes it water-resistible for a week or so, and it looks really amazing – actually I was pretty stunned when I first saw this kind of body jewelry); it is also used in dance costumes, as bridal jewelry.

These stones are real jewelry-makers dream. But you’d better be persistent enough – you might need tens of thousands of stones to decorate a costume, yet you might need only tens to make a little love-heart shaped thing near your belly button. It’s really fun and think of the looks of it.

The most known brand to produce such crystals is (of course) Swarovski crystals. You should easily find those in Internet.

Tretorn Sneakers

Tretorn sneakers look nothing like brand-name sneakers from the United States. The styles are interesting and the color combinations unlike much that you’ll see on a shelf at a local shoe store. If you’re looking for a pair of sneakers that are not only comfortable and supportive but also quite fashionable, than why not give a pair of yellow or red Tretorn sneakers a try? Some Tretorn sneakers are more conventional-looking than others, but some are extra cool looking. And it’s not a piece of cake to make a sneaker look original!

But it’s really not all that surprising that Tretorn sneakers are so special. If you want a sneaker that not only fits right, but is different than every other shoe you see, then why not look to a company whose design is inspired by the styles and trends of Sweden?

Sneakers, after all, have a reputation of being modest and plain and the ones that do have some style don’t really seem all that different from brand to brand. But this is not the case with Tretorn sneakers.

The style of a Tretorn sneaker is not ostentatious, as you might expect, however. It is simple and casual, just with an added flair that many American-brand shoes simply don’t have! So when you go shopping around for a set of Tretorn sneakers, you’ll discover an exciting variety of styles, colors, and patterns! Do you want a cool, elegant look or something quirkier? It’s up to you.

Also, remember Terton’s “originals,” a collection of rubber boots that boast attitude and style, in addition to quality. As well, you can even get a set of Tretorn tennis balls to go with your sneakers.

Fur Coat

There are three sources for both precious and ordinary furs: nature, fur farming, and the food industry. In the 19th century, nature was the main source of fur. Today the major sources are fur farms and the food industry, which together represent almost 85% of the fur supply.

The furrier is the person who makes fur garments from raw materials, fleeces or skins. Only the finished garment is called fur, and the skin or fleece undergoes several more or less lengthy processes before it is turned into a coat, jacket or cape. The various processes depend on the type and origin of the skins and what is expected of the finished garment. Before the skins arrive in the furrier’s workshop, they have usually already been washed, salted, dried, then washed and dried again.

Fur is still very fashionable in haute couture, as is shown by Balmain’s inclusion of silver fox hats and stoles in its winter collection. The luxury label Loro Piana presents a discreet variation on the theme of the fur coat, using snug, cozy fur as the lining of the fur coat. After a few seasons of relative absence on the catwalks, fur has made a fashion comeback even among the young.

Like other garments, fur coats can also be bought off the rack. But a lady who wants a perfectly made, well-fitting item should have it made-to-measure by the furrier. As usual, the cost is greater but so is the satisfaction given by the result.

Choose Large Size Women’s Shoes

With over 30 percent of all women’s shoe sales being size nine and above, there is big money in selling large size women shoes. The fact is women’s feet are getting bigger. While women over the age of 35 have an average shoe size of seven and a half, their younger counterparts average a shoe size of eight and a half.

This “growing” demand for women’s shoes in sizes nine through fifteen has spawned many new retailers and shoe manufacturers who specialize in larger sizes. Twenty years ago, a woman with big feet had very limited options in shoes. Now, she can choose from a vast array of business, casual, and even golfing shoes.

It is estimated that approximately 85 percent of women buy shoes in the wrong size. Most often, they buy shoes that are too small. Ill-fitting shoes can contribute to a whole host of medical problems including bunions, corns, hammertoes, and calluses. With the larger sizes more commonly available now, women are finding the styles that they want in the sizes that they need. This is a welcome relief for the many women who have bought shoes in a too-small size because there was no other option.

If you are a woman with big, glorious feet, make sure that you have both of your feet sized every time you buy shoes. Take the measurement standing up and sitting down. Ask the salesperson for suggestions on shoe brands that might work with your foot size and shape.

If you are trying to minimize the size of your feet, look for shoes with rounded toes and moderate heels. You may want to stay away from pointy pumps, ballerina flats, and t-straps that can lengthen the appearance of your feet. It is also best to stick to neutral tones or colors that blend well with hose or pants.