Month: October 2018

Info of Rhinestone Sunglasses

Rhinestone sunglasses are made in plastic models and also wire styles. Nowadays, they are very popular but the most popular style is the large plastic ones. They came into fashion this year and are bound to stay for a long time. So what are you waiting for? Just check out the stylish rhinestone sunglasses now from your closest vendor and add new spice to your personality. But before buying them the main question that pops up into the consumer’s mind is how are these wholesale rhinestone sunglasses actually made? The plastic styles are usually hand drilled so that they provide an accurate size for the rhinestones and they can be easily fitted. This whole process is a lengthy one and it takes several hours on each pair as each pair needs to be handled properly and with utmost care. One scratch can ruin a rhinestones shape and look.

That’s the main reason behind the higher cost in rhinestone sunglasses versus regular sunglasses. The wholesale price of rhinestone sunglasses generally cost around $24 – $36 per dozen and that too depends upon the number of stones and sunglass style. The internet is said to be the best place to look for wholesale rhinestone sunglasses as you can find the best styles available at the most competitive price. Most major retailers have started keeping a certain range of these rhinestone sunglasses in stock as they not only boost up retaile sales but they also keep them updated with the changing trend and fashion. So if you’re a hardcore fan of Hollywood and love to follow the style statement set by your favorite star then owning a pair of rhinestone sunglasses is a must for you.

Diamond Necklace

The diamond necklace in the movie was held in high regard, valued and worn by only the upper-class passengers of the Titanic. Does the entertainment industry then suggest that diamonds are worn only by the privileged and wealthy? Well, possessing real diamond jewelry is not just some frequent commodity for the average person. Diamonds are rare and beautiful jewels, and for that reason they are exclusive.

In fancy jewelry, diamonds are showcased in a collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. For special occasions, these diamond accessories complement any formal wear you would display at such places like a fancy ball, a dinner party or a milestone affair like on your wedding day. For women, wearing a strapless gown complemented by a diamond necklace will put all emphasis on the beautiful jewel. Imagine the sparkle you could exhibit by wearing diamond jewelry!

If you are interested in buying a necklace for yourself or for a gift, be aware that a diamond necklace is a pricey, yet worthwhile investment. Such gifts as a diamond necklace should be given to a special loved one or bought with the intention of wearing to formal affairs.

The various styles of diamond necklaces gives one a personalized preference to accompany their formal outfit. For example, actresses observed at an award show are seen wearing distinctive diamond necklaces. For an extravagant look, one movie star was seen wearing a necklace with sparkling diamonds all around the neck. For a simpler look, another actress was seen wearing a thin chain, emphasizing all attention to the solo diamond. Moreover, finding a diamond necklace that suits your preference can well be accomplished with the huge variety of styles to choose from.

About Bags With Bling

I don’t know the time or context in which Sophia said this but I re-discovered it in a book of quotes, “The Last Word-A Treasury of Women’s Quotes” by Carolyn Warner, published in 1992.
It’s safe to say, fourteen years later, that not a great deal of what ‘you’ve got’ is being left to the imagination. In a world gone mad, it’s more “if you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

For those women unwilling or unable to compete with the sexy, nubile, twig-skinny, nearly-naked, rich young girls, the only recourse is letting your accessories speak for you.

Personally I consider shoes to be utilitarian. With plantar fasciitis the need for comfort is non-negotiable. In fact if I had a nickel for everyone I know with some sort of foot problem, I’d be a rich woman. So, for me at least, shoes are not the thing that defines my look.

However, handbags are. Never before has selection been greater. The sheer number of designers pumping out at least two collections a year ensures product galore (and a very short shelf life for all but the most classic designs). The internet has served to make our world so much smaller. The world’s inventory is literally available in the comfort of our own homes.

Knock-offs play into Sophia’s “what people think you’ve got.” For those women inclined to create an impression, albeit false, knock-offs may be the answer—how to have the designer look when clearly you can’t afford it.

Most other women are content (or is that resigned?) to making their fashion dollar go as far as it can without resorting to copycat products. That may mean, in practical terms, just buying one really good leather bag each year plus a fun, funky, faux fad knowing full well it’s almost a throw-away.

Current handbag styles seem to fall into two loose groups. The trendiest ones are loaded with buckles, tassels, rings, straps, appliqués and jewels. In a word: bling. They tend to be over-sized, slouchy, unstructured. Group two are those classic styles, colors, construction and finishes that endure year in and year out. A toned down, more subtle bling. The sort of designs that become the mainstay of some of the world’s most successful and enduring design houses.

Large Shoe

This shopping experience was really unpleasant and I believe many average-footed women will agree with me.The opposite situation is also true. You can find a tiny and a large shoe in the same collection but not one in any normal range. One possible explanation is that the regular sizes sell much faster. However, in my opinion any good retail practice should have an adequate quantity in stock at every moment. I don’t find it fair that big-footed ladies and the petite-toed women can have all the shoes they want while women with average feet should compete with others to get the footwear they want. However, the situation is different when bridal wear is concerned. You cannot imagine how difficult it is to find a large formal shoe.

It is ironical that what looks good in a smaller size does not necessarily look good in a large shoe. Although this seems reasonable, it contradicts the dilemma of searching for tiny footwear in the same style as very large one. We managed to find a solution to our problem – we decided to leave the matching shoes for the wedding. This turned out to be a very good decision as you cannot really see the feet on a wedding, so it was fine. I even suspect that my bridesmaids were bare-footed during the reception.

Of course the dresses of the bridesmaids were matching while I had very different bridal attire. Wearing different gowns but insisting on having matching shoes might seem a bit weird but I just like the idea of symmetry and formality. Anyway, wearing different footwear for our different sizes seemed to be the best option. The first reason why I say this is because we had no other choice, the second – because everything went well in the end, even the large shoe.

Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles and crops have never really been away, however they are back not only are they sexy and stylish they also are low maintenance and give any women a sense of freedom.

The crop hairstyle has been popular over the years and is nothing new.

In the 1920’s it was seen as the height of fashion and Twiggy became a superstar and launched millions of imitators in the sixties with her distinctive hairstyle.

Women now could do what they wanted and sexual and female liberation continued from here.

Many stars would be setting trends in short hair in the coming decades, so its never really been away.

Remember Linda Evangelista’s short hair? There are of course many more examples in the intervening period and there will be more women now adopting this style

The revival in the crop

Short hair got its exposure recently when the model Agyness Deyn cut her hair into a stunning platinum crop and inspired by 80s model Jenny Howarth.

Her career took off, many other fashion models have followed suit and short cropped hair can be seen on the covers of the major fashion magazines such as Vogue.

Recent fashion shows have also been pushing the crop hairstyle.

Why Crop?

There are two main reasons women go for short hair.

  1. Its liberating. Women use the crop as a statement and numerous women when they divorce break up with their partner or encounter other important events. They use the new look to signal a new beginning and a new confidence in their life.
  2. 2The ultimate in convenience. You can simply wash and go and keeping your hair looking great is easy. You will save a lot of time with the crop and for many busy women today, that’s a huge advantage.

Wear Boots with Style

Realize that protective and restorative shoe applications cannot perform miracles. Have the common sense to know when to air on the side of practicality and not to wear your suede stiletto calf-cut boots. Salt and water produce damaging, lasting stains which – in addition to ruining boots’ finish – actually corrode the integrity of genuine suede, leather and fabric. Purchase a swank boot bag in which to tote your trendy footwear to work in nasty winter conditions while opting for damage-proof snow or rain boots while en route.

Boot Tip: If you remember nothing else: Be seasonally consistent when putting an outfit together. Do not wear boots and a skirt with bare legs; tights, nylons, or even flesh colored fishnet stockings help bridge the (thermal & fashion) gap between your knees and your hemline.

Ankle Boots

Very funky footwear when worn with tights and a skirt. Avoid wearing ankle boots with long skirts past the knee – this tends to look frumpy and matronly.

Mid-Calf Boots

A unique cut that looks great with skirts of all lengths. This style accentuates your calf muscle and stands out from the crowd of knee-high boots. Very sexy, indeed.

Tall Boots

The classic knee-high boot. Ensure that the boot fits snugly around your leg; if the boot gapes open you may need to have it altered for a more chic look—a standard procedure at most cobblers.

Fur-Lined Boots & UGGs

Narrow, fur-lined lace-up tall boots are a sweet accompaniment to a flirty short skirt. For a funky casual style, try wearing knee socks over your tights and letting them peek (ever so slightly) over the top of your boot. This look works best if your socks and tights are contrasting colors.

UGGs have become all the rage as the surfer-type’s (and urban want to-be surfer type’s) winter foot-wear of choice. These robust, wooly sheepskin boots have been fashioned for years by Australian craftsmen, and were first mass introduced to North America in 1978 by Brian Smith, a young Australian surfer seeking to spread the UGG-love across the United States.

Dress for the Business World

  1. For business situations match your handbag, shoes and belt. Black shoes should be matched with a black handbag. This is not a time to get creative with your accessories or to wear colored shoes.
  2. Do not neglect your outerwear. Purchase a good quality coat that can be worn with either pants or a skirt. For cooler weather don’t neglect your outdoor footwear. For skirts choose long knee-high boots.
  3. Keep shoes and boots in a good state of repair. Scuffed shoes with worn heels will ruin the look of your outfit.
  4. To complete your look choose soft leather gloves that will add a nice touch as well as keep your hands from getting chapped.
  5. Choose clothing material that reflects the season. Heavy fabrics and tweeds are best for Fall and Winter and will look out of place during Summer, as light linen fabrics will look out of place during Winter.
  6. Always wear a belt where there are belt loops. Choose a good quality leather belt and don’t be tempted to wear a flashy or plastic belt. If you don’t like belts choose pants without loops.

Beach Bags

Smaller bags are perfect if you have a house or condo right on the beach that is easy to access for larger items you may need, or, if you are just visiting the hotel pool or hot tub on your vacation. These nifty little beach totes have great features, which include small inside dividers so you can put your book or headphones on one side and your towel on the other, a cell-phone holder and even a hidden key holder. They too come in many designs and are made of many different materials. They are perfect to match your swimwear, fit your summer mood, come in your favorite color etc. Try finding beach bags for the perfect beach or poolside experiences. They are the most fashionable way to go.

Tote bags with extra large outside pockets are designed to be the most useful bags you will ever own–better than canvas bags, better than gym bags or backpacks or any other type of carrying case or accessory. They are often made of the finest materials. They are designed especially to be mildew proof, fade proof, washable and stain resistant–many beach bags are offered at reasonable prices and are sold in stores long before the summer season begins. When you shop for your new bikini or other swimwear for this season, do not forget the beach bags!

Beach totes are becoming best sellers on the market–they are quite in demand. Find the ones recognized as the best for your summer!

You will find the beach totes you have been looking for, long lasting and easy to keep organized. Your new beach bags will last you for summers to come, but style and fashion will have you coming back for more. Whether you need a small one or a large one or something in between. Beach bags are the best, most practical accessories for all of your summer fun!

All about Bandanas

Bandanas were made the most famous by cowboys wearing them in old Western movies. However, they are commonly seen as being used by pirates, farmers, and railroad engineers as well. The main purpose was to use them to wipe sweat from the face area and keep dust out of the collars.

In modern times, bandanas are symbols of identity. One well known example is the bandanas used by gangs. The Bloods wear red, while the Crips wear blue bandanas. The colors represent affiliation without requiring any personal interaction with members of either gang. However, just because someone might wear a bandana doesn’t mean that they are hoodlums or gang members. In fact, many people wear them, just because they are fun, and useful.

Individuals who wear lots of helmets find them as useful as well as the bandana acts as a barrier to protect the skin and hair. Bandanas come in all sorts of styles and colors. There are some that have built in water bladders that can be pre-cooled in the refrigerator in order to ensure the wearer is kept cool on hot summer days. Pets, most often dogs, are frequently dressed in bandanas that match those worn by their owner, making it easy to tell which dog belongs to which owner at the dog park.

When it comes to costumes and uniforms, bandanas are one of the of the most common accessories. From western cowboys to hip hop stars, bandana use crosses not only generations of time, but generations of people.

Maternity Clothes

Pregnany may now be equated to, “how stylish can you get!”

A problem that would occur is how much money you are willing to spend on maternity clothes. This is because it is only worn for a short period of time. Not every body is like Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes that can sport designer clothes during pregnancy and then just stuff it back in the closet like it wasn’t that expensive.

On the brighter side of things, these celebrities show us that there are really maternity clothes that are fashionable, where you could still be yourself. Well, this is opposed to unflattering maternity pants and tent-like dresses.

Here are some solutions where you can dress like celebrity pregnant moms but still be within the budget.

  1. Get your money’s worth. Select clothes that you can wear while you’re pregnant all the way to your nursing stage. Another suggestion would be buy clothes that could go well with your existing clothes that still fit.
  2. Borrow. There is nothing wrong from borrowing your sister’s or aunt’s maternity clothes. Here you really save money. The problem is you just have to let their sense of style work for you.
  3. Plus size rocks! Sometimes, just plus sizes of the average clothing would work for you. No need to buy special maternity clothes. Often times, plus sizes cost less than clothes meant for pregnant women.
  4. Look through your husband’s clothes. This speaks for itself.
  5. Look for discounts and sales. Raid the malls with sales. Visit factory outlets and yard sales to look for some cheap clothing.

Now you know where to look for the maternity clothes for at less cost. However, sometimes we really have no choice but to shop for new ones. Here are is list of steps to follow in shopping for maternity clothes.

  1. Know your before pregnancy size and shop for it. Most shops base their sizes on your size before you were pregnant. This way they can estimate how big you are going to get.
  2. Keyword: Stretch. Buy clothes that can stretch. These clothes would be made up of 4-10% elastin or spandex. This would ensure that the clothes will expand while you do.
  3. Consider your growing belly. Thus, check the maternity clothes’ cuts. There should be room for the growth of the belly.
  4. Buy dresses that would flow down to your knees or lower. This is because the hem will rise when your belly gets bigger.
  5. Buy more tops than bottoms. Mix and match the different tops with the bottom.