Month: December 2018

Picture Handbags for Women

The handbag is not an ordinary stuff for women. It is a powerful thing that is probably the reason why women can’t just live their homes without carrying it. Women especially the teens has to carry sorts of little stuff like make ups, lipsticks and perfumes.
All these stuff in one handbag. In addition, there’s also a cosmetic bag or a purse that can be found inside a handbag.

So, when you see of a handbag, the first thing that you’ll think of are women.

In the present-day society, the hottest trend in woman handbag is called the picture or photo handbag. It is named as picture handbag, because a picture is placed on the bag. These personalized picture handbags are now available in the market.

Picture handbags are now very popular. With these handbags, you can have the chance to insert any picture you want. It can be a photo of your favorite pet, Hollywood star, family picture or even your own picture,

Creating a picture handbag is not that easy. You need to hire a professional designer or purchase one from a manufacturer.

Here are the basic things you need to know about picture handbags.

  1. Select a photo that you want to embed on the handbag. Then, choose a design of the handbag. Tote and Bucket style handbags are more suitable to use. These bags come in various sizes and shapes. However, larger bags cost more than the smaller ones.
  2. If you wish to have a recent photo, make sure you use a digital camera. Digital photos are easier to process.
  3. You can have your picture printed to both side of the handbag, or to one side only. Again, expect to pay higher if you wish to have your picture on both side of the bag.
  4. Petite or smaller bags such as cosmetics bags or purse can also be printed with picture as well. Choose the purse that will match your handbag.
  5. Picture handbags are a great gift to your friends or loved ones.
  6. Picture handbags can also be a good source of income; you can franchise a famous handbag manufacturer.
  7. There are also photo handbag services online. You can simply browse on them and check the styled of the bags they have. You can purchase online, and you’ll have your handbag delivered in lees than two weeks.

Summer Wardrobe

Now before anyone thinks I am slamming plus sized people, take a deep breath. I am not. In fact, I am one of those plus sized people. Keep yourself from being the object of scrutiny during the summer months by using a few simple principles and some common sense. Oh and if you don’t own a decent full-length mirror, go buy one now.

Be HONEST! What is your body shape? Even thin people have parts that should not be enhanced and those that should. Is it time for me to say it already? “Just because they make it in your size does not mean you should buy it.”

Arms – are yours toned? Then wear sleeveless and capped sleeves. If there is even the hint of flab, keep it covered. OK, stop whining. If you buy the correct fabric, you won’t be hot. Natural fabrics, such as cotton are much cooler than synthetic fabrics. In fact, having your arms constantly exposed to the sun can make you even warmer.

Bust – If you have a large bust, do not accentuate with tops gathered around the bust or with horizontal stripes. If you have a smaller bust, wearing wrap, criss-cross, or gathered tops will make you look a little bigger.

Stomach & Hips – Sigh! Here we go again with those low-rise pants. Please, let me get through one day without seeing flab hanging over a pair of low-rise pants. Wearing low-rise pants and a short shirt with that hint of flab hanging over makes you look ridiculous, not cool. If you want to cover a little tummy bulge, wear a shirt that cuts in under the bust and then flares a little.

Legs & Thighs – Look at the back of your legs. If they are not toned or if you have an excess of cellulite, avoid short shorts.

Legs & Ankles – Pant lengths are crucial here. If your pants are the wrong lengths you will look dumpy, short, like you have all leg or you have chunky ankles. Capris and cropped pants come in all lengths so select one that is flattering to your shape.

So here are the 5 rules:

  1. Wear a length sleeve that makes your arms look in proportion.
  2. Wear tops that skim the bust to diminish or gather at the bust to enhance.
  3. Wear shirts that flatter not make you fatter. The same goes for the rise of pants.
  4. Watch the cut of your pants. You don’t want to accentuate hips, knees or thighs if those are problem areas.
  5. The length and shape of your legs and ankles will determine the length of your pants.

OK, I feel compelled to say it just one more time. “Just because they make it in your size does not mean you should buy it.”

Gucci Purses

The Gucci purse company was originally founded in Italy at a saddlery shop in Florence Italy. The family-owned company sold many leather goods and eventually opened a luggage store in Rome which attracted people from all over the world. One of the unique aspects of the Gucci purse was the bamboo handle that was used on all of their purses to give it a distinction from all others.

Later moving to a distinctive monogram logo, many famous people such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly helps associate the Gucci brand with the rich and famous in Hollywood. Even Jackie Onassis Kennedy was photographed with a Gucci shoulder bag which was later renamed the Jackie O bag and honor of its famous carrier.

Regardless of its association with the celebrities, the Gucci bag continued to be created of high quality calf leather and a twill fabric that marked its unique properties for the rest of the purchasing world. Gucci, like all other purse companies, have several products including backpacks, evening bags, and shoulder bags.

If you decide to purchase a Gucci bag, do not purchase it based upon the name. In fact, look at all other handbags to make sure that the style of the purse that you want to purchase is something that you will like. Never purchase a purse based upon its namebrand recognition unless you truly do like the quality and style of the item. Gucci bags are no different than any other bad, however, they do offer a unique quality and appearance that many have come to love.

Evolution of Jeans

I remember this quite vividly. There was no such thing as ‘engineered denim’ in the early 90’s when I was a teenager. Yet in the pursuit of being cool, I had to conjure up my own version of ‘engineering’. I got my worn in look by way of scraping my ass up and down the cement footpath out the front of my house (I lived on a main road by the way). Later my mother told me that it would have been a hell of a lot easier to take off the said pair of jeans and rub them against a rough stone. Thanks for the advice mum, but too late. If only my nickname ‘ass scraper’ wore out as fast as my jeans did…

Then something revolutionary happened in the mid nineties (that saved my ass, so to speak). Levis decided that we didn’t have to wait years and years to wear in our favourite pair of jeans, ’cause America’s convicted criminals could do all the hard work for us! Yep, all those second hand Levis being sold in boutiques actually came from America’s prisons. Imagine the satisfaction for the prisoner, knowing that some good came out of their existence? As long as they served their full sentence, of course (jeans just didn’t achieve an optimum level of worn in-ness if prisoners got out early on parole). So my pre-worn Levis alla ‘break and enterer’ became the ‘hottest’ thing in my wardrobe (just kidding, I paid for them). Really, how could I have been so narrow minded as to think crime didn’t pay?

Moving into the new millennium, jean manufactures suddenly realised that it was wrong to allow such an obvious exploitation of America’s prisoners. Especially when the Chinese could do it for a whole lot less, and quicker too! Engineered denim was born. All of sudden, we didn’t have to wait years for our jeans to hit the perfect level of worn in-ness, because we could buy a brand new pair of ‘pseudo old’ that looked like, well, a bad pair of new jeans. Like anything in its infancy, there is always something NQR (Not Quite Right) about it. Kinda like when CGI special effects first started to appear in film. Much to the rile of everyone around me, I just couldn’t help the comment “Aw that looks so fake!” every time a dinosaur ripped apart a person, or when a ship collided with an iceberg in the middle of the Antarctic. It was just a natural reaction to something that looked completely unnatural when trying to appear natural (also my natural reaction when I see a man with hair plugs, or a woman with a bad boob job. But that’s another blog entry all together). And while I didn’t go around pointing at people wearing badly engineered jeans on the street (only because I too was a serious offender), I did wonder when the edges of pockets were going to be grinded evenly, rather then looking like they had been attacked by cat claws.

Today however, while we are finally perfecting pocket grinding, crotch whisker marks, and thigh and ass sand blasting, isn’t this all merely an improvement on the fake worn-in look? I mean, I have a pair of jeans that I bought almost four years ago in dark indigo denim with only a basic enzyme wash. Over the years of wearing, there has not been even the slightest beginnings of fraying along any pocket; the whisker mark around the crotch goes straight across the thigh, (not splayed out in all kinds of unsightly directions drawing attention to my bathing suit area); and my ass does not look likes it’s been dragged over coloured sand! Perhaps we have forgotten what a real pair of worn in jeans looks like?

In saying this, I’m certainly not against engineered denim. It’s interesting and it’s getting better. And while the ‘new pseudo old’ look has now become my daily bread, the ‘engineered’ price tag that comes with the jeans is nauseating. ‘Authentic’ looking old jeans will set you back around $350 (AUD) these days. Common! For me to even want to pay that kind of money, I’m hoping some Chinese worker is scraping their ass up and down the factory room floor for me.

Types of Travel Luggage

There are many different types of luggage, including: leather briefcases, computer cases, carry-ons, garment bags, garment carriers, kids luggage, totes, backpacks, duffel bags, motorcycle luggage and handbags. Each piece offers its own unique features and uses. Every bag/case is available in many materials, sizes, colors, shapes and prices. No matter what the purpose for your luggage will be, there is no shortage of options for you to pick and choose between!

Luggage is made by a number of manufacturers, including: Samsonite , Travelpro, Tumi, Ace, Ameribag, Briggs & Riley, Hartmann, Olympia and Zero Halliburton. You can find most pieces offered in a wide variety of materials, including: leather, suede, denim, nylon and even metal. These materials vary in purpose and benefits; you can even score some luggage that is waterproof, if you’re finally going on that scuba trip!

The luggage pieces have features that will vary, depending on the type of bag/case you prefer. Brief or laptop computer cases will most likely include many compartments and pockets for ample storage. Carry-ons are usually smaller in size so that they can be easily stored under a seat when traveling. Garment bags/carriers will make it easy to pack those dresses and suits right on the hangers! A tote is probably the most popular luggage piece and it is perfect for those last minute must haves while you are away! Backpacks and duffel bags are more convenient for those that are students or don’t stay in place for very long.

While you are making sure you have the luggage that is best for your traveling needs, don’t forget about the accessories you may also need. There are many accessories that are used while traveling, including: adapters, surge protectors, toiletry kits, travel pillows, water bottles and luggage carts. No matter where you are going, for however long you will be there, you can feel confidant in the fact that when it comes to luggage, there is something for everyone on your list!

Sexy Valentine Outfits

You want to impress him. To see that look of appreciation in his eyes when you meet for your date. At the same time, you don’t want to look desperate. Now what do you wear?

First, where are you going for this date. He might want it to be a surprise, but you don’t want to show up in that gorgeous chiffon gown, wearing your ultra high heel sandals only to have him whisk you away to some romantic campsite for a nature hike.

Then again, you don’t want to show up in your sexily torn jeans and gorgeous but too casual t-shirt and a pair of practical sneakers, only to have you lead you into a fine restaurant with a strict dress code.

To avoid embarrassing situations like these, ask him up front. Formal or casual? Are we going outdoors? Base what you wear on his answers.

If he say you can just wear whatever you like, play it safe in a little black dress (short enough to allow freedom of movement) but go easy on the shoes. Wear a favourite pair you’ve already broken into which can take lots of walking, in any possible terrain he might bring you through. This is not the time to go shoe shopping. Hobbling around in your gorgeous but yet to be broken into new shoes wouldn’t leave a good impression.

Next, you want to look your best, your sexiest without looking like you tried too hard. No two men have identical tastes. The fact that he asked you out means he already finds you attractive. Don’t sweat it out. Be yourself. Relax. Wear what you are comfortable in, but a tad sexier. Show a little more skin. Most importantly, pick an outfit that really flatters your figure type. Pick a new dress or outfit that suits your figure type and wow him when you show up in it.

Finally comes your fragrance. Scent evokes a reaction from the most primal part of your mind. Choose your fragrance based on what works for you, not what the hero in your favourite movie might comment. Heard about product placement. In some scenes, the hero might sniff a certain heavily advertised perfume on the heroine and say how much he likes it.I wonder how much the movie makers are paid for product placement ads like that. Also, what smells wonderful on your best friend might not work on you. Pick what suits you.

Long Layered Hair Styles

Search for Long Hair Styles in Google

There are thousands of quality websites out there that offer free galleries of stylish hair styles. You can simply check them out, find a hairstyle that you love, and then print it out and take it to your hairdresser.

That’s what I personally do when I’m looking for a nice hairstyle and it always helps me find awesome ideas.

Search for Celebrity Pictures

Celebrity hair styles are usually top-rated because these people care about their looks very much, so they spend a lot of time on finding the perfect look and use the best hairstylists.

So you can use this fact to your advantage. So simply search for some female celebrities who usually have stylish hair in Google Images and you’ll find a collection of good looking hair styles.

Some examples could be Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, and so on.

A trip to your favorite search engine and searching for long hairstyles is guaranteed to help you find many websites where you can find elegant and stylish layered hair styles pictures.

Just Look at People Around You

Yes, we might not notice it very much, but everyone around us has a hair style, because everybody has hair, right?

So if you just pay a little attention to women you see through the day, in the street, in the bus, at the party, and even in your workplace, you will discover great-looking hairstyles easily.

This is a simple yet effective way to finding the perfect long layered hair style for you.

Ladies Pageant Dresses

Some of these competitions require the contestants to wear a dress designed in a certain style and this form of competition is even harder, because it depends on how the individual wears the dress, the manner in which she carries herself and of course her posture. Just imagine a room full of around say forty women all wearing the same dress and you have to choose whom it looks best on.

There are many pageants that allow you to choose your own dress design, so this is much easier than having to wear the same style dress as all the other contestants, you get to choose a dress that gives you personality and complements all your natural inner beauty. Make sure to choose a color that would complement your complexion and would accentuate the color of your eyes. You want to look like you have already won the competition. Be sure to choose a material that is comfortable to the touch because it is very important that you and the dress you are wearing must look as though they are designed for each other.

When choosing a pageant dress, another rule that is important is to choose a dress to suit your particular figure and since we can assume that most of these contestants will have very petite figures, they should select a fitted dress that would show off their figure. Choose a dress with plain dark colors which will give you a streamlined effect. Some helpful guidelines that you should consider are when wearing prints be sure to keep them in proportion if they are too big it will make you look lopsided, if you decided to go with a layered dress make sure that the material is lightweight like silk, linen or cotton, if you choose a two piece skirt and top, try to avoid using contrasting colors such as light blue top with dark skirt, choose an all in one color. Remember the more fitted the dress the more flattering it will look.

Fake Fur Boots

Fake fur has many benefits, the most important being that the wearer has the comfortable knowledge that no animals were harmed for her boots. There are also other benefits to wearing fake fur, as well. Fake fur boots are often much lighter than real fur boots, because real animal fur weighs more. This means that the weight on your feet will be slightly less than if you were wearing real fur. While the weight difference may not seem all that drastic at first, if you wear your fake fur boots all day long, you can see where even a few ounces may begin to make a difference at the end of the day.

Another benefit of wearing fake fur boots is that it is more durable than real fur. It can often withstand much more wear and tear than real fur, and this translates into boots that last longer.

Fake fur is often easier to care for and clean than real fur, as well. Many types of fake fur boots are washable (as long as you stay consistent with that boot’s instructions), and this can make them appear new for longer, which also can result in boots that are worn more often.

Another of the top benefits of buying fake fur boots is the cost. Fake fur often costs quite a bit less than real fur, and this makes the boots more practical to buy and wear. Real fur can get quite expensive.
And, if you just have your heart set on one specific pair of fur boots, you can often find an identical pair that uses fake fur instead. Doing this saves the life of an animal and it saves you some money.

Belly Button Rings

Belly button rings today for the most part are considered necessary accessory to many as the length of shirts and blouses go up and the hip line goes down. The belly for many will look bare if it does not have anything to show on it except the bare navel, and so the belly button ring found its route to popularity.

Belly button rings come in so many varieties that are fun, pleasing and attention catchers. Belly button rings could be flashing, dangling, logo and pieces of artwork that are a gem designer’s craft.

Placing belly buttons rings will require piercing. Any piercing creates wounds and wounds could get infected. If you find therefore that belly buttons are necessary accessories, you have to first, know which materials should be used to adorn that belly and the procedures to take not to be on the sorry side.

The safest materials for belly button rings are gold (at least 14K), silver, surgical steel, titanium, niobium, rhodium etc. Avoid as much as possible the gold imitation, sterling silver and silver-plated ones as they could cause irritation that might lead to infection. Avoid base metal materials that are coated and covered which could easily break. Avoid those that could easily tarnish and corrode when it gets in contact with body fluids and those that may contain allergens. For people who are sensitive to metals, a special plastic called Tygon are good replacements for belly button rings.

To prevent infections, have your piercing done only by qualified practitioners. Doing the piercing otherwise could lead to problems like infection and body poisoning even with properly sterilized instruments. Nerve damage can also be a possibility when done by an amateur.

Pregnant woman may wear their belly button rings up to the fifth month of pregnancy or when the skin in the belly starts to stretch significantly.

Belly button piercing will take a while to heal depending on the individual. The first days after your piercing have the belly button captive bead ring removed by the shop where you got your piercing. When your belly button heals, ask the shop to replace the captive bead with the new belly button rings.

When inserting the belly button ring, it is important to wash your hands with anti bacterial soap for at least four minutes. While inserting the body jewelry, massage both holes with the finger that is pinching the skin adjacent to the belly button holes. When the belly button ring is secured, clean the belly button ring once more to reduce the chance of infection.