About Vintage Prom Dress

Prom dresses in the 1950s were soft and romantic, generally full length, with a soft, innocent yet romantic look. Cap sleeves, satin waistbands, lace, bodices and frilly frocks with lantern sleeves represented beauty and femininity. Later, several more flamboyant styles emerged, like gaucho pants, bolero jackets, and other fads like the harem look with the ballooning skirt, all inspired by Hollywood.

Vintage prom dresses have become very popular. The 50’s and 60’s looks are back with long chiffon gowns with full collars and full-length sheer train; glamorous strapless dresses with winged upper bodice and a full skirt. Semi-sheer chiffon gowns with embroidered organdy and Empire waist-favorites in the 60-are also making a comeback among the younger set. Most are opting to dress up their ensembles with vintage jackets, coats, shoes, shawls and jewelry.

Proms throughout the country are being planned based on themes, such as 60s movies, making vintage dressing even more fun and dramatic. And designers are more than willing to give you that look. There are several web sites, which provide information as well as options to order vintage prom dresses. These sites also provide original antique dresses for an even more authentic look. Online stores also provide the option of custom designing your own vintage prom dresses based on options provided. They also allow for alterations, and are ideal for custom fitting for petite as well as plus sizes.