Airport Check In, Facts You Should Know

Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, you should always allow enough time in case the check-in process doesn’t run smoothly.

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Follow the brief guidelines below to ensure that your next departure is easy and stress free.

Check with your Airline

Different airlines sometimes have different requirements, so the first task is to check with the flight operator. If you have opted for online check-in, you should receive the details by email with your flight confirmation, so all you need to do is drop your hold baggage and take your boarding card to security. Some airlines such as Air France have self-check-in kiosks that you will see as you enter the terminal.

Your airline’s rules on hand luggage may vary, so check that as well. If you are in any doubt about what you can take in your hand luggage for example one of your favorite Maxi Dresses from suppliers like ax Paris check out the Government website here. The last thing you want is to have to leave it behind.  If you want to pre-book seats, or ensure that you are sitting together, it is easier to specify this on booking rather than waiting until you get to check-in and possibly being disappointed.

At the Airport

Aim to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight, or three hours if it is a charter flight. Remember to allow plenty of time to park if you are driving, even if you have pre-booked, which is usually cheaper.  Airport transfers can save time here, and you can use the Express drop off areas so that you just need to walk to the terminal via the covered walkway.

Remember that 6am-7.30am is usually one of the busiest times so if you need an early morning check-in, allow a little more time for going through security. If you have booked a company ensure that they are aware of the time you need to arrive at the terminal, especially if you are travelling in a large party.

Bristol is a quite small airport, but it is evolving all the time with plans for further expansion, as recently reported by UK Airport News.

Even if you have used the airport in the past, remember there may be changes in layout that could add to the time for check-in. If you end up being early, you can always fill the time by visiting the shops and duty-free outlets.