Author: Jackie Robertson

Ladies Evening Dresses

There are not many rules as to what women should wear when choosing an evening dress so it can be very personal to suit your individual taste. The three main points to consider are the type of event, what season it is and how formal the occasion is expected to be. Short dresses are the preferred style for those hot summer months and would be ideal for those outdoor events, but for those cold winter months black is usually the desired color, although there are some deep blue and other dark colors which would be great alternatives.

The designer dresses are by far the most sought after for actresses, it has become a requirement for those posh celebrity awards. Some names such as Calvin, Klein, Gabbana, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, and Versace just to name a few, are some of the most popular designers that we hear when they ask the actresses at these events who designed their gowns. While these are fine choices for these rich popular celebrities, they are way out of the reach of some of the regular folks and they usually have to settle for an imitation.

Look for styles that match your personality, for instance you may not be a person who is into fashion and likes to dress a lot, so a nice simple casual but elegant evening dress would be the perfect choice for you, because it is important to feel comfortable in what you wear and it would certainly complement your personality. There are many styles out there on the market, so be sure and look for the one that suits you best, it does not necessarily have to be one of the latest styles, also consider how much you are willing to spend. You really don’t’ want to spend a lot of money on a dress that you will probably wear once, or maybe twice, depending on what occasion may present itself.

Leather Shoes

Leather lasts. Leather is a material that’s got through the tanning of hides and skins of animals, and when we refer to leather footwear, we’re usually referring to shoes from cow hide. Would you believe I have a pair of men’s dress shoes with leather uppers and lowers that are now 14 years old, and they still look and feel just fantastic.

Leather lowers do tend to wear out quicker than man made soles, and as a consequence many opt for the leather upper only, but even so, a good quality upper really does make a better shoe than alternative cheaper options. Leather outsoles are found with the more expensive shoes. Leather definitely gives a more supportive fit overall and this is because it adjusts to the natural shape of your foot

Man made Italian shoes are synonymous with quality footwear and have a reputation that spans back as far as the history of shoes as we know it. Recent times have seen quite a demand in the black and white slip on shoe in particular, and as they are made from such soft leather it means that they are incredibly comfortable to wear too. One proud owner of such a pair at our local gentleman’s club said they were like a natural extension to the feet!

There is a downside to leather footwear though and that is once it gets wet, it can take a good while to dry out, but that aside, the pros for leather shoes and boots well outweigh the cons by a long way.

Foot care should be on the forefront of everyone’s mind when shopping for new shoes and leather should certainly be a consideration with everyday and smart dress footwear. This way, you’ll not only enjoy the comfort of leather, but over time you will save on the initial expense too, as in my case above. Think how many pairs of cheap shoes you could get through in 14 years, and mine still have plenty of mileage left in them!

Bead Jewelry Designs

Seashells can also be used to create beads, buttons, and many other attractive pieces. It is only limited by your imagination. When deciding to make bead jewelry designs, you might want to start by using beads found at a local craft store. The first thing you should think about is the design, size and scope of your project. Her in mind while there are many paths to follow, a craft store does not specialize in items to make bead jewelry designs, so after making so many pieces of jewelry, you mages run out of alternatives because you’re limited to what they have in inventory.

So there’s a better way to go: the Internet. On the World Wide Web you can find many great websites that specialize in offering materials for bead jewelry designs. You will even find some wonderful information about the various beads that you may use. I’ll bet that one should go online you will only buy your materials from there, so it is important to make sure you are doing business with the best possible company for you. If you become a preferred customer you may just be able to save some money as well.

Because many other people buy bead products on the Internet, you can’t easily find reviews from like-minded people to help new make your selections and give you ideas for bead jewelry designs. You can find many different pieces of information from reading consumer reviews. Not only will it open your eyes to companies you didn’t even know existed, but it will give you the opportunity to learn from other people’s mistakes when it comes to fly by night websites that won’t come through on promises that they may offer. There are some disreputable companies on the Internet and it would be a real shame if you spent your money repeated jewelry designs only to realize that you’ve been taken.

When all is said and done, by surfing the Web and doing a little bit of homework by finding the websites that suit your needs the most, you can make bead jewelry designs and sell them right back on the Internet, creating a profit from something you actually love doing! There’s nothing better than working for yourself. It can be very profitable and also give you great self-satisfaction. And if making money is not a motivation then your bead jewelry designs will be greatly appreciated when it gets close to friends and loved ones’ birthdays or other special occasions.

Eco-Friendly Fashion Footwear

  1. 1. One pair of weather-protective footwear. If you could only buy one boot in your life, an eco-friendly, air-seal range boot like the 14-Eye Boot from Vegetarian Shoes is the one to go with. If you spend a good amount of time outdoors, go with two pairs. Air-seal range boots sporting steel tipped toe and a sole made from rubber tires will provide you with that everlasting quality you need and want.
  2. One or two pairs of fashion boots in a medium or dark neutral. These leather alternative boots are classic enough for work-wear yet sexy enough to add an edge to jeans and an everyday tee. Top-of-the-calf boots with a flat heel are one of the cold weather season’s hottest looks, but are surprisingly in-demand even as the weather grows warmer. For those of you who love the Engineer boots, but want something a little more fitted, the Biker boots are perfect! When you’re feeling a little “rebel”, wear them as biker boots. When your style is more classic looking, just take off the buckle, instantly providing you with simple, comfortable boots that go with everything.
  3. One pair of chic looking boots. Almost knee high boots like the Aurora, give you a chic look with straight skirts and classic-cut trousers. They can be worn with bare legs or opaque winter stockings. Plus, they work well with formal and near-formal wear, they add sophistication to jeans, and instantly dress up a denim skirt and cardigan like nothing else can. You can also get the same look with Alta style that is only 11″ from the top of the shoe to the bottom of this eco-friendly fashion footwear. The upper is made from the highest quality synthetic micro-fibers while the lining is usually comprised of extremely soft synthetic micro-fibers or fleece.
  4. One pair of neutral-colored casual boots for the weekend. A woman can never go wrong with classics such as the Amy boot. Your weekend casual cruelty-free boot should have an extremely soft and flexible sole making it extremely comfortable for all day wear. Make sure your casual eco-friendly boots exteriors are made of “leather” like synthetic micro-fibers giving you that stylish look, while the interior is made of a soft cotton lining and a generous foot bed that will accommodate your feet.
  5. One pair of attractive non-leather sneakers. The fall time is the perfect time to run around the track at your nearby park, and enjoy your surroundings. Whether your eco-friendly non-leather sneakers are made from hemp or synthetic micro-fibers, they are go well with your tracksuit, yet hard-working enough to perform at the gym. The best athletic/sporty shoes are the pairs that have an extremely supportive EVA sole, and a thick padded tongue.

Hats Off to You

For years all a guy would be caught wearing was the baseball cap and knit hat on winter days. Now we see the beanie coming back in style with the new urban generations. A beanie is like a knit hat. It hugs the top of the head, reaching to just about the top of the ears and is usually folded up over itself to create a wide band. The beanie can be made of fleece or durable cotton and is available in range of muted solid colors.

Women are starting to wear similar fleece or canvas style hats that are made to look more like hats rather than hugging the head the way a beanie does. These come in a range of colors and usually have a small jaunty brim towards the front that folds down flat in the back. Women also have more choice in accessories than men. Their hats come with ribbons, beads, decorative fur edging or even a little hat pin of some time.

For you guys that want a hat with some style you can always lead the way by wearing a fedora or a panama hat. A fedora is the kind of hat that could be worn by the lead character in a 1920’s detective film. A panama hat is so named because it came into popularity during the construction of the Panama Canal. It usually white or tan, woven from straw or reeds and has a wide brim with a band of fabric tied or sewn around it.

Fendi Bags

The first thing to take note of is that all authentic Fendi bags have serial numbers printed right on them. This shouldn’t be a serial number that occurs in any other Fendi handbag, so if you are at a retailer that has several bags all with the same serial number, you know that they are fakes. It’s important to note that many fakes do in fact have serial numbers, so you cannot assume that a serial number makes one an authentic Fendi. A serial number in and of itself isn’t enough to have you opening your check book, so keep reading so that you can decipher which is the real deal and which is not so that you don’t spend too much on something that isn’t worth it.

Once you have located the serial number you can then move onto the straps or handles on the handbag. Authentic Fendi bags have leather, not vinyl, straps and handles on their bags most of the time. Also, the straps are totally leather, there is no layering or vinyl backing on the handles and straps. Also, when you look at the stitching in the leather on authentic Fendi bags you will notice that it is not a different color, in fact it is so like the color of the leather it practically blends into it, while knockoffs are usually stitched in a different color. Stitching will also be straight on authentic Fendi bags, while replicas will often have uneven stitched lines in the handles or straps. It is this attention to detail that makes authentic Fendi bags so much more beautiful and pricey than anything else.

Another item that will clue you into which are authentic Fendi bags are the buckles. Buckles on the authentic bags will be perfectly square, not rectangular or circular. Buckles usually say Fendi on the sides of them as well, while others do not. Not only is the buckle perfectly square, everything about authentic Fendi bags is perfectly uniform. There is no unevenness to Fendi bags, but many of the replicated bags will be smaller on one side than they are on the other, the zipper won’t be sewn in exactly even, and there just isn’t the attention to detail that Fendi gives their bags.

Another thing that you should consider when you are shopping for authentic Fendi bags is that the retailer shouldn’t be uncomfortable with you checking out all of these subtle differences. Retailers that get nervous when you start zipping and unzipping, buckling and unbuckling, and checking for real Fendi characteristics generally have something to hide and it would be in your best interest to move on to a retailer that is open and honest and comfortable with all of their products being scrutinized by their customers. That’s the way retail works, and those that are legit know it.

Silk Production

People started following the silk road some 4,000 years ago. Very few people traversed its entire length, with the notable exception of Marco Polo (1256-1323), the famous explorer. Polo noticed silk in many of the fairs and bazaars he saw while traveling through what is today the Middle East, Iran, Uzbekistan, and elsewhere. Thus silk production was clearly widespread in the middle ages of our era.

The secret to silk production is to have both silkworms and mulberry trees, preferably the white mulberry, which is the only food the silkworms, or more accurately, caterpillars, will eat. They are essentially mulberry leaf eating machines. When the caterpillars are fully grown they produce a cocoon by extruding silk from their bodies. The extrusion starts as a liquid and then solidifies after contacting air. The purpose of the cocoon is to protect the pupa, which will eventually turn into a moth, although only enough moths are allowed to develop to support the next generation of silk worms.

The cocoons are remarkable in that they are made from just one long, thin, strand of silk, and it takes know-how to unravel the single strand, which is normally about 400-500 meters in length. The strands, or threads, are eventually woven into cloth. Clothing is of course the main product made from silk, however other products have also been produced. These include ropes and such things as parachutes and maps in WWII.

In the 15th century silk production came to France, and eventually the city of Lyon (pronounced lee on), now the third largest city in France and a great place to visit, became the center of European silk production. Lyon still has an important silk museum. By 1544 about 12 thousand people were involved in silk production there, according to Dr. John Falkwell in his book “The Story of Silk”. The industry progressed steadily, and in the 1880’s there were 200,000 people employed in Lyon, a remarkable number.

With an eye on the success of the silk industry in France, King James I of England made a major effort in the 17th century to establish a silk industry both in England and in the colonies at the time (i.e., the U.S. today). These efforts never really took hold in the long term, and the silk industry in those places never came close to the level achieved in France.

Silk production is a very labor intensive effort, and in the early 20th century a combination of labor strife, and especially the invention of synthetic fabrics like rayon and nylon, largely led to the demise of the silk industry in Europe. What remains are little cottage industries here and there, as in several parts of England. The top producing country today is once again China. India also produces a lot of silk, and they are the leading producers of wild silks, that is, silk produced from wild caterpillars, in particular tussah silk, from the silk moth of the same name.

The history of silk production is long and legendary. In fact legend has it that a Chinese princess over 5,000 years ago discovered how to unravel silk when a cocoon dropped into her hot cup of tea. (Cocoons are immersed in hot water in order to remove the sort of glue produced by the insect that holds the cocoon together.) In any case it is amazing that one of the world’s most desired fabrics comes from the secretions of a caterpillar. Even more remarkable is the significant role this fabric has played in the world’s economy for over 5,000 years.

Moissanite Bracelet

Moissanite is a new diamond substitute that, unlike previous faux diamond offerings, is a stunningly beautiful material in its own right, and considered by experts to surpass diamond in many ways. So if you want to add some simple elegance to your favorite outfit, a moissanite bracelet might be your perfect choice.

A moissanite tennis bracelet is one of life’s simple beauties. So called because of Chris Evert’s loss of a diamond strand bracelet on court during the 1987 US Open Tennis Tournament, tennis bracelets combine simplicity and extravagance all in one. Chris refused to continue playing tennis until the safety of her bracelet was assured and it was safely back on her wrist, and with a moissanite tennis bracelet, you can be sure that you will be a show-stopper too.

While a chunky bangle can add a casually stylish air to an outfit, a moissanite bracelet adds a mature and subtle style. While earrings and necklace draw attention to themselves, a moissanite bracelet brings an understated brilliance that adds intrigue to your look.

Nestling under your sleeve, or resting against your wrist, a tennis bracelet is the piece of jewelry seen only when you speak and gesture, displaying a momentary glimpse of your unique sense of style. A moissanite tennis bracelet endows you with a sophistication that doesn’t speak aloud, it merely whispers of its understated elegance to those with an eye for real beauty.

Moissanite has been taking the jewelry world by storm, so treat yourself to a moissanite bracelet, and enjoy the combination of innovation and timelessness for yourself. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, but create a sense of mystery with the subtle beauty of a moissanite tennis bracelet.

Prom Dresses Care

Tips for Preserving Your Prom Dress

  • To preserve your prom dress, it should be dry cleaned before storage. Stains can occur due to many day to day things like invisible food and beverage spills, as well as your body oils, left untreated. Show the dry cleaner any know stain area before cleaning.
  • Prom Dresses consisting of volatile fabric and highly vulnerable texture may not withstand the chemicals or the dry cleaning process, it is important that you professional advice form your dry cleaner on which treatment would be appropriate for such dresses. Beware of solvents that the dry cleaner may use to clean your dress, certain fabric might lose their color and no longer match the color of gown, and these solvents are normally used, and are not the fault of the dry cleaner, so take care of such issues before hand.
  • Look for cleaners specialized in prom dresses and gowns, and also see the gown manufacturer’s advice on cleaning. If you don’t know any cleaner ask for references from the people you know.

Storing a prom dress is very important as it prevents it from gaining further deterioration or slows the deterioration process.

Tips for Storing your Prom Dress

  • A prom dress can be properly stored in a box or on a hanger.
  • If your thinking of using a box for storage of your prom dress, ask your cleaner to pack your dress in that special box will help it from getting contaminated before storage and after cleaning, make it sure that you are personally present while the cleaner is folding your dress and packing it, just to get sure that the dress is yours only.
  • If you are hanging your dress for storage, attach straps on waistline to reduce the tension on your shoulders due to long and heavy skirt, and reduce the possibility of distorting neck line, and protect your dress by completely wrapping it with white sheet or muslin fabric.
  • Take care to choose the material you choose for wrapping or the material used for making the box, that the wrapping fabric is acid-free and archival-safe packing materials. These materials are easily available at any supply stores, internet resource, and dry cleaners that specialize in prom dresses.
  • Before storing your dress wrap it with acid-free tissue, which will protect it against any sharp creases, bodices or other curved areas of dress should be stuffed with the tissue paper to prevent it from creasing.
  • Do not use any metal clips, pins, safety pins or any such thing which have any possibility of rusting in future, because rust stains would be impossible to remove.

Buy Diamonds Online

Of all the reasons people have for buying diamonds online as opposed to buying from a local jewelry store price is probably the main factor. Markup in local jewelry stores is extremely high in order to pay overhead costs for the store as well as commissions to salespeople. This is why online stores are able to offer much lower prices but you must at the same time be aware that a ridiculously low price indicates that the stone is probably not a real diamond.

Another huge benefit about internet shopping is the availability of a virtually unlimited variety of stones to choose from in comparison to the small availability in your local area with normal jewelers. Still, you must do your homework and check out any retailer that you are considering doing business with.
Learn everything you can about diamonds in advance to reduce the chances of getting scammed. Some of the more important things you need to know about are carat weights, color, clarity, and the cut as well as how each of these factors affects the price of the stone. After you have educated yourself you can be more confident about shopping online.

Don’t ever allow yourself to be hurried into buying, rushing to buy the first diamond you find interesting can result in getting ripped off. Use the power of the internet to compare prices so that you can be sure you are getting a good deal. Okay, so far you have learned about diamonds, you have found some good deals, and even maybe a stone you are in love with, but you still need to do a couple more things to make sure that you don’t get taken.

The next step you need to take is to find out what kind of credentials the online jeweler has including what associations they are members of and what their policies are regarding returns, refunds, and upgrades. Since you are buying via the internet you may also want to ask about services they may provide in the way of settings, mountings, sizing, and what their shipping prices and policies are. If you ask, you may even be able to get free shipping. Have them give you a grading report for the stone you are considering from one of the independent labs such as AGS or GIA before you complete the transaction. A final suggestion is to use an escrow service to handle the final disposition in which they will receive the diamond from the seller and appraise it then you send the money to the escrow service.