Choosing the Right Dress for that Occasion

There are several ways through which we communicate as complex social animals. And our ability to master the art of picking the right kind of dressing that suits different occasions tells a lot about our personality. To a large extent, your mode of dressing will determine your comportment, carriage, and the kind of energy you effuse during an event.

If you are itching to know the necessary factors for consideration when picking a dress, especially if you plan arriving late at an event to which you have been invited, only to realize you are the odd one out. To guide against such embarrassment, see some questions you might want to run by yourself:

  1. What kind of occasion am I attending; for what purpose is the event, and what role(s) will I be playing?
  2. What is my budget? This question might come in handy if you feel your wardrobe is out of fashion, and you are seriously considering getting a new dress.

In response to the first set of highlighted questions, we shall be assessing the possibilities of different categories of occasions you could get invited to and the appropriate outfit to dorn.

Casual events

Since there are no particular rules of dress etiquette for casual occasions, it is best to wear the most comfortable apparel available in your wardrobe; however, not forgetting the prevailing weather conditions.

Business dinner

Career women who find themselves having to attend a business dinner with bosses, colleagues, and associates should endeavor to go moderate. Moderate means not being too uptight; neither should there be any hint of provocativeness in their dressing.


Be it a press briefing, job interview, or project presentation; it is always safe to seek out information about the appropriate attire; in case you are in doubt. But, if no explicit code of adornment is required, an engagement as this should be treated as strictly official. Forthwith, it will be quite suitable for a lady to wear a tailored suit; while avoiding excessive use of accessories, makeup, or jewelry, which might draw undue attention.

Funeral or religious ceremonies

A woman attending either a funeral or a religious ceremony needs to be sober in comfort. Wearing a long skirt that, at least, covers the knees is acceptable. It is, however, worthy of note that overly fitted or tight clothing is likely to be judged as offensive in such scenarios.


For a summer afternoon date on the beach, you could read reviews about FashionMia to check out full-length bodycon floral dresses, gypsy skirts, and fascinating tops that will endear you to your partner. However, if you are dressing for your first date together, going all dressed up is likely to leave you feeling awkward. A verbose dressing on the first date will give you off as trying too hard, so dress in your regular casuals. Anything that makes you feel comfortable is the sure bet.

If this would be your first time getting invited for an occasion that requires buying a new dress, keep it in the back alley of your mind that – you do not necessarily have to dress expensive, to look beautiful and presentable.