Christmas Party Dresses

Black is by far the safest color you could wear for any occasion. A black dress is about the most versatile piece of clothing you own. It goes with anything and in many ways, an LBD is like a blank canvas. It can look subtle, paired with a neutral jacket, or ultra-glamorous on its own with chunky earrings, a bag, shoes and a belt studded with jewel toned rhinestones.

Throw on a gauzy shawl for an ethereal look. Wear it with pearls for a ladylike look. That little black dress is like a chameleon. It switches from day to night, from demure, to sexy with a switch of accessories.

Wear it to the office with a gray jacket and pumps and stud earrings. At the end of the day, take off the jacket, switch to chandelier earrings and stilettos, touch up your makeup for the Christmas party at night, or a dinner date.

When it comes to the party season, that little black dress can give you a different look for every party you attend. Change your hairstyle with each combination and wear your makeup differently each time for a completely different look.

Here are some ideas.

  1. Wear your black dress with a gold chain belt and an armful of gold bangles and gold hoop earrings. Finish off with black or gold kitten heels.
  2. Wear the dress with a jewel toned short jacket and opaque stockings and high heel shoes.
  3. Wear your dress with sandals and chandelier earrings and a belt studded with jewel colored gemstones.
  4. Wear the little black dress with a strand of pearls. Drape a lace white shawl over your shoulders and wear stiletto heels.
  5. Wear the dress on its own with boots and leather bracelets and piercings.
  6. Wear the dress with shoulder length earrings and put your hair up in a chignon. Wear the highest heeled sandals you can find.
  7. Wear the black dress with ribbons around your waist and a stunning necklace with matching earrings and ballet pumps.