Coach Purses

Coach started a tradition and has never looked back, only forward. From the beginning there were only a couple of designs that Coach would concentrate on. Within the first two decades, Coach had only a dozen designs. The glove-tanned pieces are created from all-natural rawhide. Rawhide changes colors and hues as it naturally dries. These pieces are sewn together with the finest strings, cords, and threads to create one of America’s most popular manufacturers of handbags, luggage, and accessories.

Coach purses are categorized into three basic groups: small, medium, and large. All sizes have advantages and places in our daily life. Many people choose a few bags from each category. One for every occasion. With style and class and affordability that Coach has to offer, why wouldn’t you buy more than one?

  1. The small Coach purses are for those that do not need a lot of capacity in a handbag. These fine Coach purses have all of the benefits and beauty expected of any Coach product. Perfect for that special evening out to the opera or to the prom. Many special occasions could be made more memorable by a Coach purse. These petite wonders start at under $100 US.
  2. The medium Coach purses are for those everyday necessities. The design of these magnificent handbags will leave no doubt as to your exceptional taste and fashion sense. These handbags start at under $200 which is a wonderful deal on such precious handbags.
  3. The large Coach purses are for those people who do not want to leave anything behind, including class. These wonderful handbags offer all of the elegance of Coach, yet offer versatility and functionality. These awesome purses start at below $400 US.

One problem that has risen a great deal since the Internet has gained in popularity is counterfeit products. With counterfeit Coach purses, everyone suffers. Coach’s reputation is jeopardized by products that by all appearances are genuine, but these products are not the same quality and often fall apart much to the dismay of the unwilling owner. Coach offers many avenues of reporting these horrible counterfeits. Only purchase from a certified, licensed Coach dealer. When you purchase only genuine Coach products, you insure an American tradition.