Find The Scent

Consequently, finding the perfect scent means putting aside an afternoon just for the occasion. It should be the one and only goal for the shopping trip. With that in mind, do not wear your usual perfume on the day you are planning to find a new scent. Wearing another perfume will only interfere with your sense of smell, and ultimately your decision.

When you arrive at the perfume counter of your choice, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Also, you should approach the counter with some idea of what you like and what you dislike. For instance, you should know your preference for either citrus, musk, patchouli, or floral scents. Communicating your likes and dislikes will help the salesperson narrow down your choices.

As you begin testing scents, you will need to take a break after three or four scents. The salesperson should offer you some coffee beans to sniff (they neutralize the effects of the perfumes), but if this isn’t an option, walk a way for about five minutes and then come back to the counter.

As you begin to find fragrances you like, you will be able to narrow down your choices to two or three. You should spray each perfume on to a different part of your body. Your pulse points are the perfect spots. Let each scent work with your own natural oils for about twenty minutes. Then you will be able to make the perfect choice.