Funny T-Shirts

Probably the main reason you and I want to wear a funny tshirt is for the social purpose it conveys. You want people to love you for it, and to be amused by your tee. And if you choose the right shirt, you certainly will get this result.

However there are a few things you need to consider when you are wearing your funny shirt:

  1. You want it to completely match your style and personality. You don’t want to be wearing a shirt that claims you’re a mean drinker (for example) and you are as docile as a hindu cow who has never touched a drink. You want to match your personality traits and find a shirt that expresses that in a funny way.
  2. You want to have the right atittude when it comes to using your shirt. Remember, wearing something as extravagant as a funny shirt means you also need to have a certain flair that brings attention to yourself. The right attitude means getting approached more by people in a bar or a social environment. If you only use the shirt as a attention drawer and let your personality do the rest, then you are wearing a funny tshirt in the right way. If you just expect your shirt to carry on the conversation then the joke is on you, since a funny tshirt is all about the first impressions, you take care of the rest.
  3. Never mind the haters. Whenever you are wearing something that is not within society’s “standard limits” then you can surely expect a few people making fun of you or completely hating you, it comes with the territory.
    Be sure to be with the right attitude whenever you are wearing your funny tshirt and just keep it cool and aloof. Have fun wearing it yourself and you will do great.