Gucci Purses

The Gucci purse company was originally founded in Italy at a saddlery shop in Florence Italy. The family-owned company sold many leather goods and eventually opened a luggage store in Rome which attracted people from all over the world. One of the unique aspects of the Gucci purse was the bamboo handle that was used on all of their purses to give it a distinction from all others.

Later moving to a distinctive monogram logo, many famous people such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly helps associate the Gucci brand with the rich and famous in Hollywood. Even Jackie Onassis Kennedy was photographed with a Gucci shoulder bag which was later renamed the Jackie O bag and honor of its famous carrier.

Regardless of its association with the celebrities, the Gucci bag continued to be created of high quality calf leather and a twill fabric that marked its unique properties for the rest of the purchasing world. Gucci, like all other purse companies, have several products including backpacks, evening bags, and shoulder bags.

If you decide to purchase a Gucci bag, do not purchase it based upon the name. In fact, look at all other handbags to make sure that the style of the purse that you want to purchase is something that you will like. Never purchase a purse based upon its namebrand recognition unless you truly do like the quality and style of the item. Gucci bags are no different than any other bad, however, they do offer a unique quality and appearance that many have come to love.