Hiking Boots

The hiking boots help support the ankle and prevents it from getting twisted. It also offers a stiff support for the whole foot. However, it does not restrict the movement of the ankle. The boots provide protection against blisters or other discomforts or painful conditions that may arise upon undertaking long hikes on rugged terrain.

Hiking boots are a very important inclusion among backpacking equipment. The blister caused by chafing, pinched toes and sore heals or other injuries stemming from the use of a bad pair of boots can ruin an otherwise well planned and wonderful trip. Since hiking is a matter of traveling on foot a well fitted pair of quality hiking boots can make the trail seem blissful. It need not be that for securing comfortable and good hiking boots you need to dole out more bucks. What you really need to do is watch out for certain things while selecting the hiking boots for purchase.

The nature of the hiking trip you are undertaking needs to be considered first. It can be that you are a casual weekend hiker in which case only a good pair of hiking shoes will be suitable enough. There are excellent hiking shoes of all kinds that can provide the added traction needed in case of hiking while not being as heavy as boots. However, if your ankles are weak or you need to travel over especially rugged terrain then boots are best for you. The support of a solid pair of hiking boots become crucial for preventing injury to ankles and it is the leather boots that usually provide the maximum support.

Unlike shoes the right hiking boots need feel stiff and should have little give on the outer sole and around the ankle. This needs to be kept in mind while trying them out at the store. However, the boots need be comfortable too. They need feel good just when they are put on. The perception that initially upon wearing the boots will feel a bit uncomfortable and only by wearing in with time will they feel right is not true.

Some latest features that are desired on hiking boots are- optimized cushioning using air units for evening out the impact of stony and rocky terrains, side protection, stiff ankle supports for better backup against twisting of ankles, anti skid rubber compound sole, waterproofing and ability to make feet ‘breathe’.