Ladies Pageant Dresses

Some of these competitions require the contestants to wear a dress designed in a certain style and this form of competition is even harder, because it depends on how the individual wears the dress, the manner in which she carries herself and of course her posture. Just imagine a room full of around say forty women all wearing the same dress and you have to choose whom it looks best on.

There are many pageants that allow you to choose your own dress design, so this is much easier than having to wear the same style dress as all the other contestants, you get to choose a dress that gives you personality and complements all your natural inner beauty. Make sure to choose a color that would complement your complexion and would accentuate the color of your eyes. You want to look like you have already won the competition. Be sure to choose a material that is comfortable to the touch because it is very important that you and the dress you are wearing must look as though they are designed for each other.

When choosing a pageant dress, another rule that is important is to choose a dress to suit your particular figure and since we can assume that most of these contestants will have very petite figures, they should select a fitted dress that would show off their figure. Choose a dress with plain dark colors which will give you a streamlined effect. Some helpful guidelines that you should consider are when wearing prints be sure to keep them in proportion if they are too big it will make you look lopsided, if you decided to go with a layered dress make sure that the material is lightweight like silk, linen or cotton, if you choose a two piece skirt and top, try to avoid using contrasting colors such as light blue top with dark skirt, choose an all in one color. Remember the more fitted the dress the more flattering it will look.