Large Shoe

This shopping experience was really unpleasant and I believe many average-footed women will agree with me.The opposite situation is also true. You can find a tiny and a large shoe in the same collection but not one in any normal range. One possible explanation is that the regular sizes sell much faster. However, in my opinion any good retail practice should have an adequate quantity in stock at every moment. I don’t find it fair that big-footed ladies and the petite-toed women can have all the shoes they want while women with average feet should compete with others to get the footwear they want. However, the situation is different when bridal wear is concerned. You cannot imagine how difficult it is to find a large formal shoe.

It is ironical that what looks good in a smaller size does not necessarily look good in a large shoe. Although this seems reasonable, it contradicts the dilemma of searching for tiny footwear in the same style as very large one. We managed to find a solution to our problem – we decided to leave the matching shoes for the wedding. This turned out to be a very good decision as you cannot really see the feet on a wedding, so it was fine. I even suspect that my bridesmaids were bare-footed during the reception.

Of course the dresses of the bridesmaids were matching while I had very different bridal attire. Wearing different gowns but insisting on having matching shoes might seem a bit weird but I just like the idea of symmetry and formality. Anyway, wearing different footwear for our different sizes seemed to be the best option. The first reason why I say this is because we had no other choice, the second – because everything went well in the end, even the large shoe.