Vintage Tee Shirts

The truly great vintage tee comes from finding the one great shirt that you stumble across in your parent’s old wardrobe or at a garage sale. There are great finds to be had in every thrift store. You never know what classic shirt has been tossed away by someone with no appreciation for pop culture. Hit up some thrift stores and cruise through the selection. You will see a lot that doesn’t work but the one great find will set your wardrobe and sense of style apart from all the rest.

Other goldmines are vintage record stores, and flea markets. You should be looking for something that appeals to you and is a one of a kind. There are plenty of great finds out there just waiting to be discovered, and if they don’t work out you are only out $1.50.

Always be on the lookout for classic concert tees. Even if the band sucked at the time it is now vintage and it will make your parents feel old. Also keep an eye out for any company or logo that was popular in its day but has been phased out. Just like classic cars, these

Coach Wallets

You will find that coach wallets are available in so many colors you will have problems making up your mind which one to buy. You might have to buy one to match each purse that you own, or ditch the purse and buy a wallet that will match each outfit. The colors are all in shades that you just can not find any other wallet. You will be so glad that you made the splurge. After you have wore out your wallet, you will not want to ever use another brand. You will be spoiled to the coach brand will never want anything less again.

If you are wondering just where you can buy an coach wallet, you will love to hear that you can buy them many places. You will the wallet that is made by coach in many high end department stores. You will also find this lovely wallet by doing a search online. However, you just might get the best deal for your money if you go with eBay when you are wallet shopping. Which ever place you choose to buy your wallet from, you will find that there are many selections to choose

About Thigh High Stocking

Thigh-high stockings are a prominent choice among women as these stockings with or without a suspension belt offer a classic style. These look attractive with a French maid look of a frock with an apron giving the impression of being a doll.

Apart from its classic style, they are often perceived as preferable apparel to pantyhose. As per the health reports, thigh-highs are considered better because they decrease the risk of Deep Venous Thrombosis in patients undergoing urological surgery. In other words, these give better prevention against varicose veins.

Physicians even recommend that thigh-highs are better than knee-high stockings as they have fewer tendencies to buckle behind the knee, thus retaining the comfort level. Thigh- high stockings also help in ventilation, and thus reduction of fungi and bacteria. Women also believe that it is considerably easier and quicker to use the bathroom in thigh-highs. Thigh-highs have a stay-up style because of the sewn in elasticized bands. This characteristic helps in holding it alone on the leg as they are made of elastic cotton yarn.

Thigh-highs look stylish and elegant. A beautiful woman in thigh-high stockings is absolutely the most erotic sight one can view.

Care For A Lambswool Sweater

With great care the strong, natural qualities of lambswool can be maintained for many years. These easy to follow, simple guidelines will insure the lasting beauty of your lambswool sweaters.

  • Give your lambswool sweaters a 24-hour rest between outings. Lambswool fibers need time to shed creases and return to their original shape.
  • Hang lambswool sweaters on shaped or padded hangers.
  • Store lambswool sweaters gently folded in drawers with mothballs.
  • Empty sweater pockets and hang with pockets zipped or buttoned.
  • Use a damp sponge to remove spills and try not to wash your lambswool sweaters too often.
  • After a few wears, refresh your lambswool sweaters after wearing or unpacking by hanging them in a steamy bathroom. Add some lavender oil into your bath to make them smell nice.
  • After washing and or if your sweater gets wet in the rain dry the garment at room temperature away from strong heat.
  • Remove spots and stains promptly.

I hope that by posting the information above I will help you enjoy your lambswool sweater for many years.

Choose The Pair Of Reading Glasses

Once you know the power of your lens, think about when you wear them. Do you wear them only at work? Or do you wear the same pair at home? You are more likely to purchase a pair that looks good if you will be seen in public with them. And if you are also wearing them at home, you will want a pair that is durable, and will stand up to being transported in your purse, pocket or briefcase. A pair with a matching case would be a good choice.

Second, think about the shape of your face. Different frames flatter different faces. If you have a round face, you might look for a pair that works with your curves. If your face is angular, likewise, you might be happy with a pair that softens your lines. In general, an optical professional can help you select the perfect frame for your face. You can also find charts to help you match your face shape to a complementary frame. Some websites offer assistance with an optical professional to help you make the best decision.

Thirdly, since frames come in myriad colors and patterns, it is good

Customize Jeans

Jeans tend to fit me fairly well throughout but in those two areas I still have a hard time finding a pair that fit perfectly. This often means that I will be forced to customize these jeans to work for me. I have three major pairs of shoes that I wear with jeans my converse chucks, black dress loafers and flip flops. Often times if I go with jean that already has a boot cut fit they work for the loafers but I end up dragging my heel under the other shoes. Sometimes this can give you a nice distressed look to the heel of your jean, but on a rainy day it just means frozen feet and disgusting muddy heels on your jeans.

My simple answer is to go with a boot fit jean that doesn’t drag under my heel to much. Then cut the cuffs of the jeans vertically along the inside and outside seam to open the boot cut up further. This cut will look odd at first but after a few washings it will look nice and distressed and ad some personality to your jeans. The other answer is to cut the heel

Perfect Dress Shoes

The reason most women think of wearing dress shoes as a sacrifice for the sake of beauty is because 80% of special occasion shoes really are uncomfortable. But since they want to look their best for the prom, wedding or evening banquet, most women will put up with sore feet. You don’t have to, though.

Here are several tips that will help you find the “perfect” evening shoes:

  1. All dress shoes have heels. Of course – high heels make your legs look longer and slimmer, make your feet look sexy and force you to keep good posture. However, you don’t have to wear 4-inche heels to get all these benefits. Go for kitten style heels – about 2-inches high. They are more stable and comfortable.
  2. Another way to get comfortable heels is to choose wedge-heel shoes. Even if the heel is high, they are easy to walk in and you probably won’t even feel the height. By the way, wedge heels are quite fashionable this year.
  3. About 50% of evening shoes are made from fabric but, if you can afford it, always go for genuine leather shoes. Quality leather has an amazing ability to adjust to the shape

Making Creative Promotional T Shirts

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Decorating a tree with glass blown ornaments can be a very exciting experience, but after many years of decorating much the same way, folks are now looking for new and improved ways of doing just that. Those that wish to start being active. flare to their own personal trees this Christmas are capable of doing so in a few simple ways.

  • Along with kids’ kohl’s can be committed to support women health insurance and care
  • It is known that the chances for a lady to have breast cancer sooner or later of her life are about one out of eight and it’s also correct that for every woman that has been diagnosed so; three is a family that expects their cure
  • Kohl’s have partnered using the best health care organizations in Wisconsin to help fight cancer and still have helped to teach women about the need for regular tests and examinations to prevent and fight cancer

The Basic T-Shirt Printing Mechanisms

You can get creative with all the design and have fun by it yourself. Designing custom t shirt won’t necessarily should be

Care For Your Canvas Shoes

In addition to the fact that canvas footwear tends to be more affordable, another big advantage is that they are very easy to maintain and care for. When you first get the shoes you should protect them before wearing them by spraying them with a cloth care spray or starch. If you have are one of those who has sensitive skin you should wear protective gloves when you spray your shoes and be sure to wash your hands good afterwards. If you have asthma or any other respiratory problem always wear a mask and if the spray gets into your eyes or causes your skin any irritation then rinse immediately with lots of water. These are just really common sense items but I didn’t want to neglect them.

Another great thing about these affordable and durable shoes is that you can easily throw them in the washing machine when they are dirty. Be sure to knock off any excessive dirt or mud first and if the shoes are caked in mud then scrub them with a soft brush and water first. You should also remove the laces and either wash them with the footwear, hand wash them

Dreaded Swimsuit

Let’s face it. A bathing suit doesn’t cover much (some less than others) so we can’t hide behind layers of fabric…or can we?

3 Don’ts For Just About Everyone:

  • Boy Shorts or Boy Legs
  • String tie halter tops
  • The big poofy skirted suits

I had a client who wears a size 2 shopping for a suit and she insisted that she wanted boy shorts because they “covered more.” So I decided to humour her and see if she has learned anything from our months of wardrobe shopping. She tried on the bottoms and let out a yelp. “These are just awful,” she replied. And it is true. They are just awful on just about everyone.

String halter-tops fall into that category as well. Unless you have very pert breasts and not very large ones at that, the string halter is a no-no. That would be followed by the poofy (yes, that is a made-up word) skirts. Many older people will buy them out of modesty, as will heavier women. Please don’t. There are other ways to cover up that won’t make you look like a beached whale.

When shopping for a bathing suit, go to

Have Something To Wear Every Winter

It feels like a conspiracy. Every year, designers come up with new trends that make last winter’s clothing look prehistorical. Yet you know too well this year’s trends wouldn’t last long. Next winter, you’d be shopping again for trendy clothes.

Put a stop to this. At least minimize the damage. Go back to the basics and build a timeless winter wardrobe.

What you need are classics. Clothes that would look great year after year. Start building a brand new wardrobe by going back to the basics. Get clothing that need never go out of style.

In winter, you need jackets and coats as well as thermals, sweaters, long sleeve tops and pants and festive dresses or skirts. You can go for the trendy designs which go out of style very quickly. Trends like the bubble skirt rarely last more than a season. After that, they go back in storage for years. Instead, go for classics. Wool pants and wool skirts in solid neutrals will always be in style. So would a good down jacket. Thermal underwear are clothes you’d wear to death all winter and probably would be able to wear them for many winters

Hip and Rebel Wear Jeans

Levi Strauss started to suffer competition from rival companies who wanted a piece of the jeans market in the 1940’s. When these companies realized the jeans market was going to be a very successful one, they moved in with their own products. James Dean gave jeans a new concept by wearing them in movies about teenage rebels in the 1950’s. Because of this association with rebellion, some schools in the United States would not allow students to wear jeans to school. They felt by doing so they were promoting rebellion. This of course ensured the sale of many more pairs of jeans as that is exactly what teenagers wanted!

The world of psychedelic jeans and painted or embroidered jeans evolved during the 60’s and 70’s. The fashion of this period changed the jean styles tremendously by adding a colorful new look. Sales, along with prices, started to soar in the 1980’s when fashion designers began marketing their own style of jeans bearing their own brand label. The jeans that in past years that had been famous for their ruggedness were now synonymous with designer names and high fashion.

The 1990s saw a drop in the popularity

Wool is Back in Style

  1. Retro. Back in the 80s, everybody was into the wool look. The stuffed up L.L. Bean preppy style was “in” and any fan of the 80s teen flicks knows that it was the decade of the wool sweater. All those college films seemed to make their characters sport wool as mandatory attire.
  2. Movie Stars. You may have noticed that some of your favorite celebrities have been wearing wool in recent photos. Much like the trucker hat phenomenon of a few years ago, wool sweaters have become cool again (they are in with the “in crowd”) and you can see the trend setters wearing them. Movie stars and general celebrities often start trends which the rest of the population mimics. When its hot with the stars, it quickly becomes hot with the rest of the country (and often the world). Wool clearly is no exception.
  3. It never really left. For a certain element of the population, notably skiiers and outdoors people, wool is a simple necessity of life. Wool socks can keep even the coldest of skiiers warm from frigid outside temperatures. Most of us don’t think about this because more than ½ of us live in

Saddle Shoes

The market demand of men’s saddle shoes at that time produced a lot of two-toned colored men’s saddle shoes. Even though there are a lot of men’s casual dress shoes in today’s fashion industry, men’s saddle shoes are still very much available in the market. Today men’s saddle shoes come in many variants. There are athletic men’s saddle shoes for active individuals. For those golf aficionados out there, there are also golf saddle shoes. Waterproof men’s saddle shoes are also out now. And for the casual type, you can always buy saddle oxfords that are popular among executives.

Nowadays, men’s saddle shoes are usually used for golf and sometimes in retro attires.

Most golf saddles have a classic saddle look but with advance features in comfort and support. Most have leather upper with a rounded toe box and its saddle has a contrasting color. Sporty or athletic saddle shoes now have a shock absorbing midsoles and stabilizers. Sporty saddles have superb traction which is another reason why they are popular among golfers. Having a shoe with good traction is crucial when playing golf, especially when swinging or putting.

So if you want to rock and

Christmas Party Dresses

Black is by far the safest color you could wear for any occasion. A black dress is about the most versatile piece of clothing you own. It goes with anything and in many ways, an LBD is like a blank canvas. It can look subtle, paired with a neutral jacket, or ultra-glamorous on its own with chunky earrings, a bag, shoes and a belt studded with jewel toned rhinestones.

Throw on a gauzy shawl for an ethereal look. Wear it with pearls for a ladylike look. That little black dress is like a chameleon. It switches from day to night, from demure, to sexy with a switch of accessories.

Wear it to the office with a gray jacket and pumps and stud earrings. At the end of the day, take off the jacket, switch to chandelier earrings and stilettos, touch up your makeup for the Christmas party at night, or a dinner date.

When it comes to the party season, that little black dress can give you a different look for every party you attend. Change your hairstyle with each combination and wear your makeup differently each time for a completely different look.


Coach Purses

Coach started a tradition and has never looked back, only forward. From the beginning there were only a couple of designs that Coach would concentrate on. Within the first two decades, Coach had only a dozen designs. The glove-tanned pieces are created from all-natural rawhide. Rawhide changes colors and hues as it naturally dries. These pieces are sewn together with the finest strings, cords, and threads to create one of America’s most popular manufacturers of handbags, luggage, and accessories.

Coach purses are categorized into three basic groups: small, medium, and large. All sizes have advantages and places in our daily life. Many people choose a few bags from each category. One for every occasion. With style and class and affordability that Coach has to offer, why wouldn’t you buy more than one?

  1. The small Coach purses are for those that do not need a lot of capacity in a handbag. These fine Coach purses have all of the benefits and beauty expected of any Coach product. Perfect for that special evening out to the opera or to the prom. Many special occasions could be made more memorable by a Coach purse. These petite wonders start at

Choose Shoes for Any Time and Place

There are various styles and kinds of footwear for women, ranging in a variety of innumerable designs and styles. To help lessen women’s selection struggle, here are some tips on how to choose the best shoes for any time and place.

1. Comfy and Sporty: Rubber Shoes

Rubber shoes are the best type of shoes to keep your feet safe, warm and clean anytime and anywhere.

  • Physical Education classes require students to wear rubber shoes because the composition of these shoes is softer and more flexible, which will prevent possible injuries from any physical activity, or unexpected situations.
  • For manual car drivers (especially for women), I recommend using rubber shoes while driving because it lessens, or prevents, pain and cramps in the muscle feet. Flat and doll shoes usually have thinner soles compared to rubber shoes which make it painful for the feet if overused.
  • More challenging physical activities and sports that demand a lot of running, walking, jumping or climbing require the use of rubber shoes. The dirt, damage and hurt which might be caused by travelling on rocky, rough and muddy roads is also prevented using these.

Make sure that you pair up rubber

Pearls to Diamonds


Pearls are the classic fashion accessory that has been in style for decades, going back to the days they were mined and sold by pearl traders from the depths of the ocean. They can add a touch of elegance to an outfit. They are one of the only accessories that take an everyday outfit like jeans and a tee shirt and transform them into an outfit that is a little more glamorous. Pearls are best worn around the neck, but also work as a bracelet, as earrings, and even as a pin or belt.

However, pearls do not just have to come in white. They also come in other colors that will highlight your outfit. Some great pearl colors are pink, blue, yellow, and black.


Diamonds are the ultimate status symbol and for many women represent the love of their mate. They are another classic fashion accessory like pearls, though since a woman always wears one if married, they are usually a part of the outfit. Diamonds are one fashion accessory that add a sparkle to any outfit, putting the bling bling that so many desire in these Hollywood times. Diamonds are

Oris Watches

Oris watches are a well known Swiss watch and are very popular. The company has a reputation of making timepieces that stand the test of time. Their collections are based on their history in sport, aviation and fashion. The current collections of the Williams F1, Flight Timer and Frank Sinatra reflect these backgrounds.

But what really makes Oris watches stand apart from other Swiss watches is their use of the date pointer. Most date watches display the date as a number in a rectangular window on the watch face. As the date changes, the date flips and the new date is shown in the window. However some of the collections of Oris watches use the legendary date pointer.

The date pointer is a third (or fourth arm if there is also a second hand) that rotates around the face of the watch. In effect there are two sets of numerals on the watch face. The inner circle has the usual hour numbers or marks, whereas the outer circle contains the 31 days of a month. When the hour arm passes midnight the date arm moves to the next day.

The date arm (or date sweep)

Buy Crocs Shoes

Finding an online store that sells Crocs shoes will be easy. The first obstacle you will have is to find an online store that has Crocs that you can afford. The web is filled with places you can purchase shoes online, but they will not all be at the same price. Spend a few moments searching for the most competitive prices available for the Crocs shoe you want to buy.

The next consideration in your search to buy shoes online needs to be the reputation of the company. Out of all the shoe stores that are offering your Crocs at the price you want, you are going to have to decide which one is the best online store. Any department store that is selling Crocs shoes online will be a safe place to purchase your shoes. Other things to look for are a customer service phone number, physical address, and easy to use web page. A company that openly posts this information on their Internet page is probably a reputable online store.

Shipping costs should be kept to a minimum. There are many stores on the web that will even offer free shipping. Make sure to