Perfect Bathing Suit

Women, we are all the same, the very slim and the full figured alike. We only want to look good in our swimwear!
Yes, it is a challenge to find the right style, the perfect combination of sassy but subtle. And if your body is less than perfect, like 99.9% of us, the chore of finding the right swimsuit can be very aggravating indeed.
But we are in luck. Fortunately the Swimwear Gods were listening to women complain about the poor choices available. And the Swimwear God created “The Tankini”.

The tankini is an amazing bathing suit. It forgives our flaws and flaunts our assets. The tankini is a two piece swimsuit with a long torso that is great for covering the belly. This swimsuit is usually available with brief style bottoms or boyleg bottoms.

The skirtini, similar to the tankini, except the bottom is skirted with briefs underneath. Very flattering if you want to cover up a bit of belly, buttocks and upper leg.

The shortini, like the tankini and the skirtini but the bottoms are loose fitting shorts attached to a brief underneath. Same benefits as as the skirtini, conceals the tummy, upper legs and behind area.