Prom Dresses Care

Tips for Preserving Your Prom Dress

  • To preserve your prom dress, it should be dry cleaned before storage. Stains can occur due to many day to day things like invisible food and beverage spills, as well as your body oils, left untreated. Show the dry cleaner any know stain area before cleaning.
  • Prom Dresses consisting of volatile fabric and highly vulnerable texture may not withstand the chemicals or the dry cleaning process, it is important that you professional advice form your dry cleaner on which treatment would be appropriate for such dresses. Beware of solvents that the dry cleaner may use to clean your dress, certain fabric might lose their color and no longer match the color of gown, and these solvents are normally used, and are not the fault of the dry cleaner, so take care of such issues before hand.
  • Look for cleaners specialized in prom dresses and gowns, and also see the gown manufacturer’s advice on cleaning. If you don’t know any cleaner ask for references from the people you know.

Storing a prom dress is very important as it prevents it from gaining further deterioration or slows the deterioration process.

Tips for Storing your Prom Dress

  • A prom dress can be properly stored in a box or on a hanger.
  • If your thinking of using a box for storage of your prom dress, ask your cleaner to pack your dress in that special box will help it from getting contaminated before storage and after cleaning, make it sure that you are personally present while the cleaner is folding your dress and packing it, just to get sure that the dress is yours only.
  • If you are hanging your dress for storage, attach straps on waistline to reduce the tension on your shoulders due to long and heavy skirt, and reduce the possibility of distorting neck line, and protect your dress by completely wrapping it with white sheet or muslin fabric.
  • Take care to choose the material you choose for wrapping or the material used for making the box, that the wrapping fabric is acid-free and archival-safe packing materials. These materials are easily available at any supply stores, internet resource, and dry cleaners that specialize in prom dresses.
  • Before storing your dress wrap it with acid-free tissue, which will protect it against any sharp creases, bodices or other curved areas of dress should be stuffed with the tissue paper to prevent it from creasing.
  • Do not use any metal clips, pins, safety pins or any such thing which have any possibility of rusting in future, because rust stains would be impossible to remove.