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Smokers and skincare

The sun’s UV rays cause damage to our skin. In addition, to UV rays from the sun, another major cause of skin damage is smoke from cigarettes. The addictive Nicotine in cigarette smoke can result in life-threatening diseases as well as cause damage to our skin. Smoking affects the entire body. It can cause a variety of effects from squamous Cell Carcinoma, sagging skin, and premature aging. The best advice should be don’t smoke. However, if you are already a smoker and now care for your skin, this article will be beneficial. It will help you understand how smoking causes skin damage and how to reverse the damage. It would also be wise to read about AllBeauty and consider buying beauty products for your skin from them.

How smoking affects the skin

Smoking causes the body to produce free radicals triggered by toxins found in the smoke of cigarettes. …