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Latin Dress Styles

There are dresses for all occasions such as ballroom dancing, salsa dancing, tango dancing and they are all designed with a flare for color and movement that can only come from the Latin community. The use of bold colors like black, red, orange and bright blue are a staple of the Latin community’s style, fringes and flare are simple prerequisite. Think of all the beautiful Latin style dresses you’ve seen on Shakira and other notable Spanish musical artists, they have a beautiful drape to the skirts that swirl like no other traditional type of dress. In her “Hips Don’t Lie” video Shakira’s skirts stretches out to arms length away from her body, with enough drape and swirl to emphasize the beauty of her hips, and to show off the rhythm of her dancing in the swishing of the folds. This is true Latin style.

Shawls are another staple of Latin …