Wardrobe for the Busy Man

You may be a white collar worker in a corporate office. If so, the company atmosphere will dictate your clothing choices. Working for a company with a casual atmosphere will let you opt for chinos, a few pairs of cords, and some sport shirts or tees, perhaps with a blazer or two and some great cardigans for cooler weather; add some stylish loafers to finish the look. You may still want a business suit or two and some ties in case you have business meetings, either in-house, or at another location, with clients.

A more formal office may require a selection of business suits for everyday wear. Look at your colleagues, and consider adopting aspects of the styles of the best-dressed ones. Better yet, look at your higher-ups and aim toward the style and quality of their daily wear. Whatever your clothing choices, opt for the best quality and best fit your can afford; even in a casual atmosphere, you need to be able to stand out and look professional.

If your job requires physical labor, you need clothing that is comfortable, affords freedom of movement, and is rugged enough to stand up to hard wear. Jeans may be appropriate, or rugged work pants, paired with jerseys or work shirts. Make sure if you work with machinery your clothing can’t get caught in any moving parts, and if necessary, wear steel-toed shoes. If you don’t need protective footwear, a few rugged pairs of athletic shoes with ankle support can see you through a long day on your feet. If you work outdoors, the right outerwear is essential, especially in cold weather – make sure it allows for easy movement, keeps you warm, and breathes to prevent build-up of moisture. Of course, plenty of socks and underwear are a necessity.

Don’t Forget Maintenance!

Don’t forget to factor in the time and expense involving in maintaining your wardrobe. If your work involves wearing business suits, you can choose wash and wear suits that can be thrown into a washer and dryer and come out fine; or you may choose natural fibers which require dry cleaning. Wash and wear suits are getting better looking all the time, but a distinctively styled wool suit has a unique look that can’t be equaled. Whether you go for easy care or the highest quality dry-cleanable suits, you need to have enough suits to last through your scheduled laundry days or to cover your dry cleaners’ schedule.

The same goes for work clothes; if you have laundry facilities at home you can maintain your clothes easily in your off hours; if not, you need enough of a wardrobe to last you between laundry days. Whether you’re white collar or blue collar, making the best impression, all the time, will make a lasting favorable impression on your boss.