World Of Denim

What the world plainly knows about denim is that it is another word used for mere jeans. But did you know that technically denim is actually a color? An indigo mixed with other colors such as blue, black, white and grey for these colors are normally used with denim. The most famous cotton extractors in the world extract; for example 6.7 tons cotton every year, from which the denim manufacturers alone are allotted around 3.4 billion tons of cotton to manufacture jeans apparel. Then you can estimate yourself as to how much cotton is allotted annually to other apparels and other house fabrics. Denim is currently utilizing almost half of the yield to manufacture this fabric.

Basically, denim cloth is used as, both formal and casual dressing which is the reason that the world’s renowned designers are mostly of denim jeans, skirts, jackets, shirts, carpenter pants and even under garments, in short every thinkable apparel is made of the denim fabric. In the growing industry of fabric manufacturers in apparel that you can think of is confined to denim wear. The number of denim factories is increasing is increasing rapidly.

If you glance at the vogue, denim is being used not only by the west or European countries but the Asians traditional, cultural subjective dresses are getting enveloped in the denim style. Glance over the latest vogue, the dresses regardless of which country, city, civilization they belong to, they are denim stricken. The shirts known as kurta and kameez of some eastern countries now are denim made. They are worn over pajamas and straight pants. Ladies purses and handbags could not even help being caught up in the denim fabric let alone shoes.

A single overview over the fabric industry speaks loud enough to declare the top most competition exists in the denim market. The fashion changes and spreads like fire in the woods. The only survivors in the forest are those who manage to extinguish that fashion fire by introducing new methods and designs of denim. The increase in the number of denim factories not only gives life to fashion but is even is providing huge employment opportunities.