About Thigh High Stocking

Thigh-high stockings are a prominent choice among women as these stockings with or without a suspension belt offer a classic style. These look attractive with a French maid look of a frock with an apron giving the impression of being a doll.

Apart from its classic style, they are often perceived as preferable apparel to pantyhose. As per the health reports, thigh-highs are considered better because they decrease the risk of Deep Venous Thrombosis in patients undergoing urological surgery. In other words, these give better prevention against varicose veins.

Physicians even recommend that thigh-highs are better than knee-high stockings as they have fewer tendencies to buckle behind the knee, thus retaining the comfort level. Thigh- high stockings also help in ventilation, and thus reduction of fungi and bacteria. Women also believe that it is considerably easier and quicker to use the bathroom in thigh-highs. Thigh-highs have a stay-up style because of the sewn in elasticized bands. This characteristic helps in holding it alone on the leg as they are made of elastic cotton yarn.

Thigh-highs look stylish and elegant. A beautiful woman in thigh-high stockings is absolutely the most erotic sight one can view.