Alpinestars Boots

I was a bit discouraged after I saw the price of a pair of Alpinestars boots cost. In fact, the newest Tech 10 model would cost me almost an entire month’s salary. The Tech 6 and the other older models were still pretty pricey compared to other brands.

Anyway, I decide to try a pair on. I couldn’t believe how well they fit and how comfortable they were right out of the box. I asked the clerk at the store if I could get a discount or if there were any sales coming up. However, he said that there’s so much demand for them at any price so they rarely put Alpinestars boots on sale.

I decided to try looking up some motocross gear websites just to get a quick price comparison as soon as I got back home. Fortunately, found several sites that sell Alpinestars boots for far less than what I saw in the stores. There were even a couple of sites that featured low-price guarantees and price matching policies.

You can be sure that I didn’t waste any time in ordering the pair I wanted. I ended up saving a good chunk of change even with the shipping costs. I’ve been using my boots for a couple of months now, and I have to say that I really like them. These boots provide great protection, and look cool with the rest of my motocross gear.