Alternatives to Petite Jeans

Let’s start with style. There are a lot of styles out there that will work for you, including two of the hottest looks right now.

Those great skinny styles you’ve been seeing everywhere are often shorter in length, a big plus for you. If they’re still too long, scrunch them up around the ankle it’s the chicest way to wear them.

Straight leg styles are also back with a vengeance, they look great cuffed up and a cuff is the quickest route to a short jean without a visit to a tailor (just be sure that your cuff is not too wide). Pair them with heels or a nice pointy toed flat that will visually extend the length of your leg. Straight is also easy to hem.

Wear your jeans slightly longer; about ¼” from the ground with your heels on, it will maximize your leg length.

Look for a crease detail on the leg. A vertical fade or crease down the center of the pant leg adds visual length and slimness to your leg.

Look for clean, dark washes, not so hard these days. A uniform color from waist to hem will make your legs look longer and has the added benefit of making you look slimmer.

Avoid super low rises. A mid rise with a slight upward tilt at the back waist is another great leg lengthening trick.

Stay away from wide leg and trouser styles with heavier hem details. They will add bulk to your shape making you look shorter and wider than you really are.

Cut it off. If all else fails or what you love only comes in a long length, pay to get your jeans shortened! It is definitely worth the $10- $15 bucks extra to get a great looking jean.

There are some tricks to choosing a jean style that will shorten well without losing it’s cool.

Choose a flare leg style to start, once you shorten it 2-3″ you’ll be left with a great looking boot cut.

Pay attention to where the knee breaks. Most designer jeans have placed it fairly high so it will still work with your shorter proportions. If it’s lower, you run the risk of it being too low for you, throwing off the proportions of the jean.

The same goes with wash and sandblasting details, make sure that they are not placed too low on the jean. They will look all wrong after you hem. Don’t, however, worry about wash and distressing details at the hem. A good tailor will be able to preserve the original hem on your newly shortened jeans.

You can check the proportions when you are trying on the jean by folding up the leg to your desired length (it works best to fold to the inside of the pant), and make sure you have on the right shoes!