Care For A Lambswool Sweater

With great care the strong, natural qualities of lambswool can be maintained for many years. These easy to follow, simple guidelines will insure the lasting beauty of your lambswool sweaters.

  • Give your lambswool sweaters a 24-hour rest between outings. Lambswool fibers need time to shed creases and return to their original shape.
  • Hang lambswool sweaters on shaped or padded hangers.
  • Store lambswool sweaters gently folded in drawers with mothballs.
  • Empty sweater pockets and hang with pockets zipped or buttoned.
  • Use a damp sponge to remove spills and try not to wash your lambswool sweaters too often.
  • After a few wears, refresh your lambswool sweaters after wearing or unpacking by hanging them in a steamy bathroom. Add some lavender oil into your bath to make them smell nice.
  • After washing and or if your sweater gets wet in the rain dry the garment at room temperature away from strong heat.
  • Remove spots and stains promptly.

I hope that by posting the information above I will help you enjoy your lambswool sweater for many years.