Care For Your Canvas Shoes

In addition to the fact that canvas footwear tends to be more affordable, another big advantage is that they are very easy to maintain and care for. When you first get the shoes you should protect them before wearing them by spraying them with a cloth care spray or starch. If you have are one of those who has sensitive skin you should wear protective gloves when you spray your shoes and be sure to wash your hands good afterwards. If you have asthma or any other respiratory problem always wear a mask and if the spray gets into your eyes or causes your skin any irritation then rinse immediately with lots of water. These are just really common sense items but I didn’t want to neglect them.

Another great thing about these affordable and durable shoes is that you can easily throw them in the washing machine when they are dirty. Be sure to knock off any excessive dirt or mud first and if the shoes are caked in mud then scrub them with a soft brush and water first. You should also remove the laces and either wash them with the footwear, hand wash them or wash them the next time you do a load of laundry. The reason for this is to prevent staining from the eyelets and to get them clean all over. They can also easily be hung on a line to air dry and will last longer if you use this method as opposed to putting in the dryer. The heat from some dryers can actually damage the rubber and adhesives on the shoes.