Care For Your Leather

Cleaning the Leather

The first step to leather care is keeping your leather clean. This can be accomplished with a soft, moist rag. Old diapers, washcloths or clean shop rags work fine. Wipe the leather in a small, circular pattern to remove any surface dirt and grime. For heavier soiling, use a small amount of liquid soap, making sure to wipe with a clean, wet rag to remove residue.

Using quality soap

Several times a year, it’s advised that you use a quality leather soap to deep-clean the material. Follow this with either a moisturizer or oil specifically developed for leather products. The use of the moisturizer or oil will keep the leather from cracking or tearing. These products can be purchased at most large chain stores or at stores that specialize in western gear.

Using Bristled Brush

Use a stiff bristled brush to remove dust, dirt and grime from suede fabrics. Never use soap and water on suede, as this will ruin the fabric. Use a clean, cotton towel to wipe up spills immediately; suede will stain quickly, even from water. There are products available that will help to waterproof suede fabrics and these should be used regularly. You can vacuum suede, but first be sure the vacuum wand is clean and dry.

Using cleaning products for Suede

To clean stains out of suede, you will need to purchase a product developed especially for suede. These can be purchased at shoe stores or other places that service leather goods. Suede cleaners work well on small spots, but if the stain or problem area is large, it is best to leave the cleaning to a professional.