Clear Platform Shoes

When most people consider sexy clear platform shoes, a couple of occupations probably come to mind. Sexy clear platform shoes are popular in the nightclub setting. Scantily clad waitresses popularized the clear platform footwear for the optical illusion of being taller, with longer legs, and walking on air. However, walking on platform shoes takes some practice and finesse, so delivering snacks and drinks to waiting customers can be a challenge. Also, the shoes must have a level of comfort as well as beauty, or many women might go home with exceedingly sore feet, after wearing the sexy clear platform shoes for an entire shift.

Another group of nightclub employees also have assisted in the popularization of sexy clear platform shoes. Pole dancers and strip tease artists wear sexy clear platform shoes in the performance of dancing and entertainment. Giving the impression of sexier, shapelier legs is a turn on for the people who frequent these establishments.

However, the need for sexy clear platform shoes has taken on a playful purpose within the home. Generally, women prefer men stay at home for excitement, entertainment, and pleasure. By wearing sexy shoes at home, women can playfully encourage men to satisfy, at home, the needs answered by participating in public nightlife. From head to toe, men are reminded that women are much more than the comfortable partners who take care of the house, the chores, and the children. Sexy clear platform shoes can help renew the excitement of first love, and the joy of being together before growing responsibilities got in the way. So, rise to the occasion and have feet dressed for fun.

Having the fun of wearing sexy clear platform shoes is not only for the nightclub scene or an intimate night for two. The shoes are also a purposeful fashion statement. For example, many women are petite and must look up to the rest of humanity. No more! In six-inch platform shoes, women can instantly become a head taller in a fun and fashionable shoe. Seeing others eye-to-eye also builds self-esteem. During social gatherings, petite women no longer have to feel lost in the crowd. On romantic walks, short women are not doomed to be tucked into a partner’s armpit. For the women of average height, sexy clear platform shoes are simply an awesome fashion statement. Platform shoes can be a conversation piece, complete a great outfit, or simply be fun.