Info of Kimono

Women are most seen wearing the kimono. They are worn for many occasions and are considered a tradition for most. Girls will wear one when they attend anything that is tied to the arts. A younger girl and single women wear a more colorful style of Kimono with longer sleeves and tied with a bright colored sash. A Kimono is made with material that has a simple pattern and is more plain and casual in style.

At weddings, the bride and the groom will go through a series of clothing changes using Kimono. A shiromuku is a heavy white Kimono that has great detail etched in it. The groom will wear a black one that is made from silk and will carry the family crest called a hakama or a pleated skirt. They will also wear a short coat called a haori.

Usually in the Japanese culture, when there is a funeral to attend, the men and the women will wear a black kimono to show respect. When a man is going to a funeral, it is custom for them to wear a black tie and for a wedding they have to wear a white tie. This is the only way that a person will know where the man is going when wearing a black kimono.

The mother will pass down the tradition of putting on a kimono to her daughter. There are however, special classes that will teach the occasions and the art of putting on one of these beautiful pieces of clothing. Most of the time a Kimono is made from silk, wool or another man made fiber. It will depend on the month and the weather as to which one will be worn and when.

There is an art to putting on the Kimono and it has to be done correctly. The first thing to do is put on the white socks called the tabi. Next are the undergarments and then the wrap around skirt. Finally comes the kimono with the left side over the right side and it tied with an Obi.

It is essential that a person who wears a kimono know when to wear it and the proper way to put it on the body. This is part of a culture and is important to understand before putting one on.