Info of Rhinestone Sunglasses

Rhinestone sunglasses are made in plastic models and also wire styles. Nowadays, they are very popular but the most popular style is the large plastic ones. They came into fashion this year and are bound to stay for a long time. So what are you waiting for? Just check out the stylish rhinestone sunglasses now from your closest vendor and add new spice to your personality. But before buying them the main question that pops up into the consumer’s mind is how are these wholesale rhinestone sunglasses actually made? The plastic styles are usually hand drilled so that they provide an accurate size for the rhinestones and they can be easily fitted. This whole process is a lengthy one and it takes several hours on each pair as each pair needs to be handled properly and with utmost care. One scratch can ruin a rhinestones shape and look.

That’s the main reason behind the higher cost in rhinestone sunglasses versus regular sunglasses. The wholesale price of rhinestone sunglasses generally cost around $24 – $36 per dozen and that too depends upon the number of stones and sunglass style. The internet is said to be the best place to look for wholesale rhinestone sunglasses as you can find the best styles available at the most competitive price. Most major retailers have started keeping a certain range of these rhinestone sunglasses in stock as they not only boost up retaile sales but they also keep them updated with the changing trend and fashion. So if you’re a hardcore fan of Hollywood and love to follow the style statement set by your favorite star then owning a pair of rhinestone sunglasses is a must for you.