Men’s Jewelry

Classes of Jewelry for Men

Men like women have some basic categories of jewelry. They fall into the groups below

  • Watches
  • Rings
  • Chains
  • Ear Rings
  • Bracelets

Men’s Watches

Today a man’s watch can be a very valuable item of jewelry. Prices are astronomical down to logical.

Many men have more than one watch, and if they are to be used as jewelry, the best rule is to match the watch to the style of dress.

Expensive but still casual clothes can find the perfect accent in a fine golden watch with white gold instead of yellow.

The classic suit is best accented by a thin and serious watch, but also can benefit from the newer styles of designer watches.

What not to wear is very casual and inexpensive clothes with an expensive watch. This is overkills, and overstatement.


A man’s ring can be with or without stone.

The classic pinky ring is really out of style and a ring worn on the second or third finger is acceptable. Unless for special reasons, keep to white gold. A gaudy yellow ring is now unfashionable/


The type of chain that meant to show and wear outside the clothes must be of white gold only. Yellow gold chains are dated and will make a negative fashion statement. The thick chain should not be over 10 cm below the neck. If the chain has a pendent, and the pendent is meant to show, be sure and keep the 10 cm rule/

Ear Rings

The one ear ring for a man should be small and unobtrusive. If a man wishes an ear ring in each ear, they should be very small. Ear rings with stone are permissible but colored stones matching your eyes or clothes are better than diamonds.

Men’s Bracelets

Like the neck chain the bracelet should be substantial. A thin and very feminine style bracelet will make a negative statement. Be bold and wear a chain that is massive and strong. Stay away from yellow gold again, its very démodé.