Military-Style Fashion

Now, just a few more tips to look military chic!

  1. Wear your military style jacket or coat overtop your favorite jeans and with a lightweight or sexy top underneath. You can keep your clothes simpler due to heavy embroiders, embellishments, epaulettes, ornaments and the like (especially so if you’re lucky enough to find a really fabulous overcoat or jacket.)
  2. Remember, the look you’re going for is not soldier camo (which to some onlookers may be in poor taste – given the times.) You are aiming for a classic officer class look, cooler and Russian romantic. Fur trims are keys, shiny brass anything, dressings up on the shoulders, and don’t forget signature long shiny leather boot-wear.
  3. Keep the overall feel of the outfit hard (with a bit of mystery of course!) How? Lots of black, very fitted, waist-accentuating and buttoned-up chic. If the jacket is long, opt for a belt if possible.
  4. Black, more black, and if not black, somber and foreboding color is key.
  5. As mentioned above, boot-wear is essential, so keep an eye out for the best this season. Try a pair of lower, more rounded-toe boots. Keep an eye on your hemline and your boot height when cinching that outfit together. You want to opt for the most flattering choices for your calves, no matter what’s most stylish!
  6. Since your military style jacket is not inherently feminine…..try it along with your favorite skinny pants (if you are into “skinnies”) or try a flowing skirt. This is the way to go if you want a softer look.
  7. Yes, you can wear your flats with a military-style jacket.