Russian Ushanka

Russian warriors wore short chain-mail and put on helmet with a chain-mail neck flap (Brnitsa).

In 1918 by Special Commission the RVS of the Republic for development of the Red Army uniform announced a competition to design the best military uniform.

Artists and painters used historical Russian design to influence their submissions for competition.
The final design was unveiled after a year: an overcoat, a shirt, leather boots, and a cloth helmet with a Red Star insignia. The helmet echoed the old Russian helmet with the chain-mail neck flap. The name for this new design was the Budenovka, and was used until the beginning of WWII (or the Great Patriotic War as it is known in Russia).

In 1940 the Soviet Army winter helmet Budenovka was replaced with the Ushanka – round hat with a fur back flap and ear flaps. The Ushanka hat had flaps which could be tied together on top of the hat, and lowered to protect the neck, ears and side of the face.

The winter fur hat Ushanka was issued to troops for the coldest winter months.