Six Makeup Looks To Wear With A Navy Dress

Navy dresses are flattering and elegant. Today, some even suggest that the colour is the new black. Navy suits pretty much every hair colour, skin tone and age group, and can be dressed up and down to suit the occasion. It is less harsh than black and kinder to your complexion.

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Here we examine six looks to match your navy dress for formal functions.

1.    Dressing for a ball

For the brave, try a bold gradient eyeliner. To make this look work, choose a cream-based eyeliner to accomplish a more defined look. Cream liners enable better blending.

2.    Lip and lace

A navy dress looks stunning with a striking fire-red lip. It will add edginess to a laced navy midi dress, for a look both sweet and sexy. Choose a navy maxi dress for relaxed style.

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3.    Girly shades

For a soft girly look, try rose gold eyes and an ethereal pink lip. This look will complement your shimmering navy gown and works well with fair skin.

4.    Old-school glamour

This iconic look channels old-school Hollywood icons. To create it, go for a glossed peach lip and soft Smokey eye, and complete it with a dash of blush. This glamour will effortlessly partner your floor-length navy gown.

Pinterest demonstrates some ways to wear a navy dress.

5.    All natural

This look avoids dark, cakey and heavy makeup. Instead, it subtly showcases your natural features. It can be tricky to pull off – use neutral colours that work with your skin tone.

6.    Metallic eyes

This adventurous look will stand out in a crowd: it complements a bold outfit and adds drama to conservative pieces. Eyes defined with metallic navy will make a splash – match with a nude lip and maintain a fresh skin tone with lightweight foundation. A navy maxi dress will complement your look.

Overall tips

  • Always add colour on your lips to polish your look
  • Employ professional makeup brushes for a flawless finish
  • Always moisturize to create the perfect base
  • Use white eyeshadow prior to applying your eyeshadow colour: this will intensify the shade
  • Contrast your makeup with the dress fabric – for example, use matte products when wearing silk/satin
  • Don’t go too heavy on dark colours. Pale colours are generally better with navy dresses.