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Biking Sunglasses

Although biking sunglasses are mainly for fashion, they are essential for any biker that has sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses. Most cyclists wear goggles, and motorcyclists wear helmets, but many of them also wear their regular prescription sunglasses as cycling sunglasses. Oakley was the first company to come up with designer sunglasses such as biking and cycling sun glasses. They have truly polarized lenses to offer the best clarity of vision, which you need when you are on the road.

Since Oakley came out with its line of designer sun glasses for those involved in outdoor sports, many other designers have jumped on the bandwagon. The latest line of biking sunglasses to hit the market make you look like an insect with the design of the frames. Cyclists like them though because they are tight fitting and offer the protection that they need. These cycling sunglasses are really expensive …