Titanium Mokume Rings

Over the centuries artisans have inspired us with beautiful jewelry and metalworks created from Mokume Gane’s metal laminates. Prized metals such as gold, platinum, silver, and others have been artfully united by her craftsmen. The captivating results speak for themselves. Mokume Gane’s “wood grain metals” tell stories of timeless beauty.

But now, and only through modern man’s amazing achievements in science, the powerful king of metals – Titanium – has arrived. Finally refined to its pure elemental state in 1910, Titanium has already transformed many aspects of human life. As you may know, it is a key metal used in our explorations of space, and it is also the preeminent material used in surgical implants. Titanium is 42% lighter than steel – yet stronger, possessing the highest strength to weight ratio of any known element. It will not corrode in salt water. Titanium is even hypoallergenic and extremely bio-compatible. Yes, having demonstrated its superior position among metals, and thus earning its noble status, Titanium is now dignified as a component of jewelry collections and mingles easily with our precious metals and gemstones.

The heralded Japanese art form Mokume Gane waited centuries, but she has finally met her match. The Titan among metals has found himself wrapped up in the art of Mokume Gane. Their union is rich in history and in power. They will do well together…

You can experience the beauty and power of Titanium Mokume by visiting Titanium-Jewelry.com, an online showcase of fine jewelry. Unlike many others utilizing undesirable industrial alloys, their Titanium rings are made from 99+% commercially pure Titanium, the only choice for use in jewelry.

Titanium-Jewelry.com offers the acclaimed Edward Mirell line of Black Titanium Mokume rings, an achievement dubbed “Timoku”, featuring gray and black titanium folded together using techniques echoing the ancient Japanese methods. Coupled with the natural gray tone of Titanium, in classic Mokume Gane fashion, is the trademarked Black Ti, a revolutionary alloy even within the Titanium world.