Types Of Pants

You will also find that there are some brands that will fit better than others…they are designed to be “curvier”! I am also thin but have a round rear and hips and find designers cut for a straighter shape. When I get pants that fit my hips and rear, the waist often stands away from my body in the back. If it’s too extreme, the pants are not for you. But, as I said, they can often be professionally fit. You may find that the lower the rise, the worse it is. If this is the case, go for a slightly higher waist. Even if it doesn’t fit, it may be more easily altered. Avoid pants that pull across your hips just because they fit your waist. It is unattractive and makes you look like you’ve put on a few extra pounds!

I still wear low rise jeans a lot. So I guess its really not down to catwalk fashion , but down individual fashion, that means your own choice. So let’s look at some ideas. You really can’t go wrong with denim. Pair skinny jeans with heels and a sweet shirt and they’ll take you on a date. Funk up a denim miniskirt by layering leggings underneath. Here are our favorite jean looks:

For the trendy girl in you, skinny jeans are ideal. They’re tough, they’re racy, and they’re very eye-catching. Pair with a dolman-sleeve sweater, a feminine top, or a preppy blazer (and don’t forget pumps!)

Super dark jeans — in a dark blue rinse or light black — are not only dressier, they make you look skinnier (and that’s always a good thing).

Premium jeans are today’s version of designer jeans. They have the coolest cuts and hottest labels (True Religion, Paige Denim, Chip & Pepper, Seven, etc.).
Holes bleached spots and frayed edges: they’re a good thing! These vintage jeans are actually new just made to look old.

The fact that you have a small waist and narrow hips makes you the ideal candidate for this season’s wide, flared leg pants! You are correct that skinny pants are in but so are very wide-legged pants. Your narrow hips will allow the pant to flare while making your bottom half look even thinner than you are. What could be better than that? As for skinny pants, try more of a straight line rather than tapered…you might be able to pull it off depending on how heavy your legs are. I’m guessing at 5’8″ and 128, they’re thinner than you describe.

Cotton white eyelet pants are very definitely an article of clothing reserved for summer. The only white to be worn in the winter is often referred to as “winter white”. It is actually a creamier white…closer to vanilla than snow white. Also, the fabric itself makes a big difference. Most winter white pants for the winter are wool, not cotton.