Vests have some stand for that youthful appearance and out of the confines of snow mountain climbing super sportsmen. Take for example, the Billabong nylon exterior quilted vests with color patches, high and low appliqués and multiple prints to show off in the campuses. Fleece vests, like in down vests have all the ingredients to become sure fire hit on the high streets of fashion so also in the canteens.

If you are fashion conscious, take a look at what vests have to offer. Prints, patches and front and back appliqués; amazing versatility to adjust to cool weather cycling, workouts and fishing, zippered hand pockets and chest pockets, high or low cut neck, choice of drawcord or knitted elastic hems, choice of umpteen number of colors and option to choose twin color front. Additionally, if you thought the shell was only made of nylon, you have choices to make from blended or 100% polyester. Hood or no hood is another choice.

Women usually find vests more comfortable as they can layer them with long sleeved jackets for real snow sports through fall and spring.

Women can buy these lifestyle garments made specifically for their anatomy. The side and the princess back seams enhance appearance and give a tapered shape.

Vests have truly evolved from being regarded as undergarments, waistcoats and the wearers from violent beer drinker and working class women beater! They are no more just the padded thermal underwear.