Wedding Dress or Gown

Remember that every girl is a different size so one dress in a photo or on the hanger may not be as flattering for you as another. Also, most women are not shaped like fashion models. But wedding dresses come in all sizes, shapes and styles, so the right gown is out there for every bride.

First, you should attend a few wedding shows – they are often held at hotels, event halls or convention centers and cost little or no admission. Of course, you aren’t going to just see wedding dresses – you will see most everything that pertains to weddings! While you may not be able to try on gowns, there is almost always a Fashion Show with models wearing a wide array of wedding gowns. This is another way for you to get ideas. And, sometimes, you will find new wedding dresses available for purchase.

You should then visit your local bridal shop and try on a bunch of gowns to get familiar with a style or styles that you like and look good in. See what flatters your body type and coloring. Also keep in mind the type of wedding you will have. While a lavish formal train may catch your fancy, if you are planning a beach or mountain wedding, you’ll want a simpler gown that won’t easily get caught on branches or touch the ground if you walk barefoot.

If you are adventurous, look on the internet for vintage or period wedding dresses or gowns. A vintage gown would have been designed and sewn during a particular time period like the 1920’s or 1950’s. A vintage wedding dress style like the mermaid style may flatter your figure and give you the pizzazz that a current style won’t. On the other hand, a period gown is typically a reproduction from a drawing of a much earlier time such as the Medieval or Victorian era. These wedding dresses would generally be worn if you are having a wedding themed for that era.

Have fun with planning your wedding and try not to stress over things. You will be the most beautiful girl at your wedding in whatever dress you choose.